A Tribute to Team Evil

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As most of you know, I have been the captain of a coed indoor soccer team for nearly a year now. Team Evil is our current team name, though we were once known as the Goal Diggers.

Team Evil

Team Evil

I can’t say all my experiences as captain of this team have been good. I have discovered that competition brings out the best in some people and the worst in others and that sexism is unfortunately still very much alive today.

However, despite a few setbacks and the occasional team drama, I have very much enjoyed playing on and leading this team. My favorite thing about playing on Team Evil is watching players improve and excel. My team will let anyone join us with a desire to play and a good attitude. As a result we have many members that have played little or no soccer before joining our team. So these teammates often start out as pretty shaky players but they soon develop super awesome soccer skills and become contributing members of our team. I enjoy watching this transition and feel somewhat like a proud mama when they finally get the hang of it and exceed their teammates expectations.

Jas and Rae are evil!

Jas and Rae are evil!

Simone has gone from a player with absolutely no soccer experience to an aggressive defender. She takes on men three times her size (and weight) without a second thought now.

Dave, also a noob to soccer, has really become a spectacular defender and goalie. He has surprised everyone without how quickly he improved and is now an integral part of our defense.

Adam, who spent his first few games kicking everyone’s shins instead of the ball, now is one of our top goal scorers. Way to go Adam!

Sara and Jacob, relatively new additions to our team, have impressed us with their good attitudes and enthusiasm. They aren’t shabby players either!

Andrew is the undisputed quickest member of our team. He therefore gets more than his share of time playing the dreaded mid position. But unfortunately, he does it too well, so I’m sure he will continue to get stuck with that position in the future.

Jeremy is very loud and helps us not take ourselves too seriously. My favorite Jeremy moment was when the other team scored a goal and Jeremy shouted, “It’s a sad day in Gotham”. Even the ref laughed.

Amber, once again a noob, has become a much more confident player. She started out very timid and unsure of herself and now she is quite the defender. We will all be excited when Amber scores her first goal-it will happen soon.

Jason is personally my favorite member of the team, and of course I am not biased in any way. He gives himself little credit but he is great at any position he plays and runs like the wind.

Tom has been our goalie for many a season. He started with no experience playing this position but has definitely developed into quite the keep. This was his last season playing with us-so adieu Tom we wish you well.

Although Team Evil rarely wins, our players go out on the field each game excited and positive despite our losing streak and each time we score a goal there is so much cheering from the sub box that you would think we had just made the winning touchdown at the super bowl. I am grateful for teammates that support each other and celebrate even the smallest of victories.

Adam and Jeremy

Adam and Jeremy

There are some that would say the only point of competitive sports is winning. But I strongly disagree. I play for a team that doesn’t give up even if the odds are highly against us, that can smile and laugh after a game where we scored no points at all, that will cheer for each other until our voices are horse. We may not win on a regular basis but we have perseverance, enthusiasm, patience, loyalty, and appreciation for each other and because of that I wouldn’t trade any of our members for the best soccer players out there. Way to go Team Evil! I love playing with all of you! You kick butt!

May our new season be a splendid one!

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