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I have been a fan of the band Matchbox Twenty since the first time I heard Push on the radio a decade ago but I somehow have never got around to seeing them in concert until last night. They were performing at the E center with Alanis Morissette. I had a great time!

The concert was one of the longest I’ve ever attended. It started at 7:00 and went until after 11:00. But I have no complaints about the length, except that my legs went to sleep from sitting in a hard chair for too long.

Jason and I are an interesting couple when it comes to concerts. Jason is one of the most unenthusiastic concert goers I have ever encountered. He is very sweet and will humor me by attending any concert I want to, but he will remain rather placid through the whole event. This does seems slightly out of sorts with his usually charismatic, energetic, and outgoing character.

I, on the other hand, according to Jason, am a little crazy at concerts. I really like music, and if a band I enjoy is performing I like to show my enthusiasm. Apparently I clap thunderously at concerts. Jason says it sounds like I’m slapping my hands together as hard as possible and it makes his hands hurt just listening to me. I did come out of last night’s event with red irritated hands and a strained voice. So maybe he is correct.

Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20

Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20

In that line of thought I just have to say it really annoys me when people go to concerts and never get out of their seats and demand that everyone else around them remain seated to prevent view obstruction. It always makes me think, “What, are you like 50?” I never encountered the “seated concert goer” phenomenon until a few years ago. So either, Salt Lake City concert attendees have become much more apathetic in general or the concerts I have attended lately have appealed to a slothly crowd. Whichever is the case, would it hurt you people to stand up and enjoy yourselves? Heaven forbid you should burn a few calories and get something almost resembling exercise.

Jason and I are going to the Police concert in July. We got great seats despite Jason’s complaints about the price. I certainly hope the people attending that concert have enough nostalgia wash over them to reminisce about what it felt like to attend a concert as an uninhibited teenager and they will get a little crazy with me. I am definitely not going to sit that one out!

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  • stacy taylor says:

    Hey Rachel! Great blog! I will be a regular. I agree with you about concert people by the way. I don’t understand spending the money and making the effort to go and just sitting there. Although, Steve and I went to see U2 and there was this dude right in front of us with his t-shirt tucked into his light wash jeans that was so crazy… it was just distracting. Steven affectionately nicknamed him “Captain Enthusiasm”.

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