Mountains of Mashed Potatoes

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On Thursday Jason, Jeremy Sabin, Aaron Blakely, and I went snowboarding at Sundance Resort. Novell had arranged for their employees to get super cheap lift tickets so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity even though we weren’t sure how good the snow would be this late in the season.

I also really wanted to go one more time before the season was over to improve my toe carving and cement it in a little more so next season I wouldn’t feel like I was starting all over again. I even got my physical therapist to approve this outing. After five weeks of therapy he thought boarding would be a good test to see how much my ankle had improved.

When we first got to Sundance we rode the Arrowhead lift all the way to the top. This proved to be a less than wonderful idea. The snow at the top, due to melting and refreezing, was basically like a solid sheet of ice. It was extremely difficult for me, a boarding novice, to control my board well. Even the boys had some spills due to the hard surface. You only had to fall once to realize just how compact that snow was. It was like falling on concrete; the bruises on my knees attest to the fact.

After one trip down we decided that we needed to come up with a new plan to avoid having to do anymore ice boarding. We opted to eat an early lunch at the Bearclaw cabin at the top and then ride down to the lower regions. Our hope was that by the time we finished our lunch the snow would have warmed up and become a little slushier and that down in the lower areas of the mountain it would be slushier still. This plan worked splendidly. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch and the snow the rest of the day was slushy and soft.



In the nice slushy snow, referred to as “mashed potatoes” by Aaron, I practiced my toe carving. I am absolutely thrilled to report that I got the hang of it. I could still use some more practice to become a little more graceful, but I was actually doing real toe carving! This may not seem like much of a feat but it has been many years in the making and for me it is a major accomplishment. I have to say that boarding is a much different experience when you are able to carve and link carves. I’ve always enjoyed this sport but it is so much more fun now! Wow! What a difference!

The boys already have my boarding plan mapped out for me. Toe carving was first-next is supersonic speed, and then wicked mad tricks.

Thanks boys for cheering me on Thursday! Maybe someday I’ll actually be able to keep up with you…maybe.

Also as a side note-for any of you considering going boarding or skiing one more time this year-there is still plenty of snow. We only noticed a couple patches where the ground was exposed, so if you hurry you can get one more time in. I’m actually very tempted to try to go one more time in the next few weeks-but I’m not sure I’ll be able to pull it off.


  • jenny lynn furr says:

    Wow Rachel you guys are so adventurous! It sounds like you had a ton o fun. See you at bunco!

  • Aaron says:

    Har, har, har. I have now officially commented on your blog. You should feel special, I’ve been on Cody’s board for over two years and narrowly post even one lousy thing. 🙂

    Your future boarding plans and due dates consist of the following:

    1. Basics — You get one, maybe two more times to get your carving down before you’re force fed step 2.
    2. Tree Runs — We expect you to be riding Double blacks before next year’s snow melts.
    3. Powder — Same timeframe as Tree runs. No excuses on this one as powder doesn’t hurt to fall in…unless there is a big rock or tree underneath.
    4. Deathly Kickers — None of us do huge jumps so we all expect to kick back with a beer/soda and watch you put us to shame. I’ll give you two more seasons on that one.


  • Rachel says:

    Thanks for commenting. I’m glad that I am more cool than Cody. 🙂 So that is my boarding plan? To become a better boarder than all you guys in the next couple years or die trying? Count me in.
    Hopefully me evil husband didn’t somehow coerce you into making this comment…that seems like something he would do.

  • Rachel says:

    Thanks for coming to my blabber blog! See you in a couple weeks.

  • Jeremy says:

    “Snow” boarding is for chumps. They do rock boarding on this side of the woods. Its for manly men who like ice and death.

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