Happy Birthday Bubba!

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Jason celebrated his slow approach to senility last week. He turned yet another year older. Way to go Jason!

As always, Jason absolutely refused to work on his birthday, which I think is a good policy. While I was at work he spent most of his time lounging, with a few productive things mixed in here and there. I left work early so we could go see Hellboy II, which was a cool flick. After the movie we headed up to SLC for dinner at a restaurant we had never tried before, Martine. I am a sucker for trying new restaurants. Martine specializes in tapas, which are pretty much appetizer sized entrees. Typically you get 2 or 3 tapas in place of a main dish. We had a table full of different tapas to try between us. It was a fun experience.

The food at Martine was surprisingly where to buy lasix cheap for a gourmet restaurant. We were pleasantly surprised when we got our bill and it was only for $50, which included our desserts too.

The best thing we tried at Martine was the caramel covered grilled gingerbread served with vanilla gelato. Yum!

Of course, as always, my favorite thing about dinner was the company. Jas and I consistently have a blast when we go out together.

Jas with his “stock”

Jas with his “stock”

Jason was very excited to get some Google stock for part of his birthday present. That boy is a geek through and through and has been requesting Google stock for the last couple years. He was thrilled that he finally got some. I bought him a container of chicken stock to represent the stock he was getting. He didn’t get the joke.


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