John Mayer

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Only two days after the Police concert John Mayer came to town. I love John Mayer but I delayed buying tickets to his show because I thought two concerts in three days might give me concert overload. I finally decided the day before the concert that I really wanted to see Mayer, even if I had just seen the Police.

I’m so glad that I decided to go. Mayer was awesome! I knew he was a good guitar player but I didn’t realize just how skilled of a musician he was until I saw him live. His albums don’t showcase his talent enough. That boy is amazing!

John Mayer

John Mayer

Every song he played was at least twice as long as the album version due to all the solos and blues riffs he dispersed throughout his performance. He was extremely energetic, goofy, and passionate. His love for his music and the guitar were very apparent.

I was also impressed with his appreciation for his audience. At one point he even started taking cameras from those in the front row and taking pictures of him with them.

It was fabulous concert! If you get a chance to see John Mayer live I would highly recommend it!

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