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Tomorrow is my surgery day. I must admit I am a bit anxious about the whole affair. And I’m less than thrilled about being practically useless and helpless for a while. I like to stay very busy and feel like I’m spending my time productively. So being stuck in bed like a worthless lump is liable to drive me crazy. But since I don’t have a choice, I’m sure, as always, my stubbornness will see me through.

I have been pushing my ankle the last couple weeks. Usually I don’t run it totally ragged but knowing that surgery is, at this point, inevitable and that I won’t be able to use my ankle much for months, I have been rather rough on it. In turn it has swollen up nicely and reminded me just why I am doing this surgery. Thanks for the not so gentle reminder ankle; you have rid me of any doubts.

I look forward to being on the other side of this event and moving toward recovery rather than waiting for the unavoidable. Here’s to the fabulously healthy ankle I will hopefully have in 6 months!

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