Thriving Ivory

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Tonight Jason and I went to the Thriving Ivory concert at the Murray Theater, hosted by the radio station 101.9 The End. I had never heard of Thriving Ivory until a month or so ago when 101.9 started playing one of their songs, Angels on the Moon. I liked the song, so when 101.9 announced that they were bringing the band to Salt Lake City to do a concert and that the tickets were only $5, I was in. Apparently a lot of other people were in too because the show sold out.

The Concert

You never know what to expect when you see a band live for the first time, sometimes they can be a bit of a disappointment, but Thriving Ivory definitely put on a good show. They had a fresh energy that bands often lose as their fan base grows. The intimate setting was spectacular. Although I had to shuffle around a bit to get an unobstructed view, when I finally did, it was worth the effort. The audience was captivated and enthusiastic. My injured ankle forced me to tone down my concert antics a degree or two, however, I still managed to hop, bounce, clap, and scream. It was fabulous!

The Signing

The Signing

Apparently, this was the largest show that Thriving Ivory has done, so it had special significance for them. The concert was also filmed for a video, so if you see me on MTV someday cheering like crazy-don’t be too surprised.

Me with the Drummer, Paul

Afterward, the band stuck around to sign CD’s and shirts. The line moved extremely slowly because the band members were courteous and friendly; they took the time to talk to each fan. When it was my turn to get my swag signed I was glad I waited. I got unsolicited hugs from the drummer, Paul. It was awesome! I also got pictures with the lead singer, Clayton, and the keyboardist, Scott. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so we had to take pictures with Jason’s iphone-I was so bummed!

Me with Clayton

Me with the Lead Singer, Clayton

I look forward to seeing Thriving Ivory thrive. It was great to see a band that is young enough to still appreciate its fans! It was an amazing concert!

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