The Best Husband Ever!

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Jason is the best husband ever! I know many of you women think that your husband is in fact the proud owner of that title, and admittedly my opinion on this subject is quite skewed, but I can’t imagine a better husband than Jason. Even if you don’t agree that Jason is the best, you can’t deny that he is pretty fabulous.

Due to my foot surgery, these last couple of months poor Jason has been forced to be my nurse and maid. He has taken on these roles rather happily for the most part, except for the occasional complaint about how much he really hates cooking.

The first few days after my surgery he rarely left my side. Although his behavior concerning me sometimes bordered on paranoia, his anxiety over my wellbeing was very sweet.

In the weeks that followed I was on crutches and practically useless. Jason made the meals, kept the house clean, did the laundry and grocery shopping, and ran countless errands for me. However, not only did he do all those household tasks, he also carried me in and out of the tub and shower, and helped me wash my hair and change my clothes…like I said, I was pretty useless. I don’t know what I would have done without that boy’s help. I guess I would have been really dirty and hungry by now.

My lunch plate: Jason has put one out for me everyday since my surgery.

My lunch plate: Jason has put one out for me everyday I've worked since my surgery. The note tells me what is in the fridge for my lunch.

Although I have thanked him many times for all that he has done recently, no amount of thanks seems adequate. So I decided that publicly embarrassing him with this post should help even the score.

Thanks Bubba! Thanks for reading Alice in Wonderland to me until 5:30 AM in a futile attempt to help me sleep. Thanks for waking up to make me snacks in the middle of the night so I could take my pain pills. Thanks for the endless servings of ramen noodles you made me and the rides up the canyon at 2:30 in the morning to quell my claustrophobia. You truly are the best husband ever, even if I’m the only one who knows!

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  • Jason says:

    You are way to nice! I’m not that good! I just tried to think about how you would take care of me and tried to do that. 😀

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