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I have been an avid Star Trek fanatic since I got hooked on The Next Generation series as a teenager. Yes, nerdery took root in me at a young age. I am not ashamed to say that I had a huge crush on Data the android through my teen years. While other girls my age salivated over Tom Cruise, Luke Perry, or the rockers in Guns N’ Roses- I dreamed of Data.

Our geeky group

Our geeky group

Being the diehard Trekkie that I am, I was super stoked when I heard that a new Star Trek movie was coming out. I wanted to make watching this movie a memorable event. So I plotted with my friend Cameron and together we amassed a group of 20 friends to witness this spectacular show together. Thanks Cam again for being in charge of ticket purchasing!

I just can't resist a man in uniform!

I just can't resist a man in uniform. Resistance is futile?

The unabashed geeks in our group wore Starfleet uniforms to the showing. I would have proudly been among them but unfortunately, due to the high volume of Trekkies with the same idea, I was unable to purchase such attire. All the sites online were sold out. So I settled for a t-shirt that says “I heart Data”.

Fran gave Jason's uniform a try.

Fran gave Jason's uniform a try. Living long and prospering must be hard to do.

The movie was fantastic of course- action packed, well written, and funny. It paid homage to the original series without being predictable. The casting was impeccably done and the special effects were breathtaking. I plan on catching it again in the next couple weeks- this time at an IMAX.


  • Amber says:

    How Fun!!! We haven’t watched it yet- but hope to soon!

  • Simone says:

    It was fun to go with such a big group of people! Thanks for bringing everyone together! Andrew and I really enjoyed the movie and we’ll probably go see again some time… Now I know how it feels to be pulled in, like all you original Trekkies. I’m feeling an obsession coming on. Lol.

  • Rachel says:

    Simone, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I thought it was a lot of fun to go with a horde of geeks too. Now that you have been sucked into the Trekkie universe…resistance is futile.

  • Wee says:

    Hi Rac! Could you email me the 3 Star Trek Pics. I’d like to put them in my photo book so I need higher res. Yeah, I’m that behind! :0

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