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Keane came to town on Tuesday. Since they are on my fav bands short list and I’ve never seen them live, I decided that I had to go, which meant that Jason also had to go. I’m glad I felt compelled to attend this concert because it turned out to be awesomely fantastic!

Keane was awesome!

We were only 11 rows from the front. Sweet!

The opener was Mat Kearney. Excellent! Love his voice! I’m going to have to buy his CDs now.

Keane with frontman Tom Chaplin

Keane was awesome!

Keane was also marvelous! Their lead singer, Tom Chaplin, really put it out there. He definitely had the magnetic personality you would expect from a fronting man. But besides just being flamboyant, he was also remarkably poignant. His heartfelt performance of Try Again almost put me in tears. And yes, I know what you are thinking: she who cries during the Pokémon movie is not a good indicator of the emotional response of the average person. So maybe there weren’t a lot of other people in the crowd tearing up but I obviously wasn’t the only one moved. The masses took to chanting “Keane, Keane, Keane, Keane…” at random times during the performance. And despite the presence of seats, everyone remained standing during the entire show- except for the lame couple sitting in front of me that also plugged their ears every time the audience clapped.

Keane's frontman Tom Chaplin

Keane's lead singer Tom Chaplin

Fantastic bands, a lively crowd- a great show!


  • Simone says:

    Cooly that you went to see Keane. I think a friend of mine went to that show too. Looks like you got some awesome seats. The pics are really good. And I think the Pokemon movie was sad too… Lol.

  • der says:

    Good thing you were on the 11th row, cause it looks like there are only 27 people there 😛

  • Rachel says:

    FYI Jeremy, it was packed. I saw only four empty seats in the whole place. So there!

  • der says:

    you must have only been looking forward, cause I think I can see 4 empty seats in your pictures. 😛

  • Rachel says:

    You’re just jealous Jeremy because you weren’t there to scream out, “I love you Tom!”.

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