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Since we need to uphold our status as the coolest aunt and uncle around, last Saturday Jason and I took a group of our nieces and nephews to see the new Pixar movie, Up. We invited all of my sister’s and brother’s kids that are old enough to sit through a movie. Of course, I’m defining “sitting” here quite liberally as: constantly moving around while your hind-end is relatively close to a seat cushion.

We unwisely seated the two youngest, Miles and Jadon, next to each other. The proximity of these two squirming beings seemed to increase their wiggles tenfold. Besides just being restless, Miles was also a little freaked out by the “scary” dogs in this movie, which surprised me because that boy seems like he isn’t intimidated by anything, but he settled down once he was safely snuggled up on my lap.

Me withe the kiddies outside the theater

Me and the kiddies outside the theater

After the movie we walked a couple blocks to an ice cream shop and got the kids a treat. Benson had the oddest sundae: blue bubblegum ice cream topped with gummy bears and caramel. It didn’t quite look natural or appetizing to me but he was pleased to devour it.


Benson and his bizarre treat

Despite the mid-movie bathroom breaks and nearly constant fidgeting, we enjoyed our little Saturday outing with the kids. We’re glad we get the chance to indulge them now and then. After all, that’s what aunts and uncles are here for- spoiling kids and sugaring them up. We are more than happy to do both.

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