Girls Night and the Man Date

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My friend, Fran, organizes a monthly ladies night out. Sometimes this event just involves eating and chatting, other months it’s a bit more elaborate, like when we had a Pride and Prejudice marathon. (I love you Mr. Darcy!)

The ladies chowing down some sushi at Happy Sumo

The ladies chowing down some sushi at Happy Sumo

This month the plan was eating dinner at Happy Sumo, one of my favorite restaurants, and heading to Color Me Mine for some creative ceramic painting. Because this get-together was going to take place on a Friday, which is not the norm for girls night, I decided I needed to find Jason some alternate entertainment for the evening. I couldn’t leave him home alone on a Friday night; that just wouldn’t be right. In lieu of wifely company I arranged for him to have some male companionship; I set him up on a man date. His brother Jeremy, my brother Drew, and our friends Jacob, Cody, and Greg all agreed to be Jason’s escorts for the evening- probably because he’s so hot!

Since I am too jumpy and anxious to watch horror movies, and Jason loves them, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for him to see the new Sam Raimi horror flick, Drag Me to Hell. He was all over that! And because my brother Drew’s birthday was the following day, Jason decided to make this event an honorary birthday celebration for him.

Ahh, aren't the boys so cute together!

Ahh, aren't the boys so cute together?

The guys went to the burger joint, Five Guys, for dinner and then ran to the movie. They enjoyed the show, but the highlight of their evening was apparently not the flick itself but rather what my brother Drew was doing during it. He jumped, squirmed, shrieked, and frequently shouted things like, “Don’t go in there!”. I’m sure I would have been very entertained by this if I had been present- oh wait, if I had been there I probably would have been way too terrified and busy screaming like a little girl to even notice Drew’s antics. Skittishness evidently runs in the family.

This is my vase before it's kilning.

This is my vase before kilning.

While the men relished the amusement Drew unwillingly provided, the girls talked non-stop through a delicious sushi dinner and then did some experimental painting at Color Me Mine. The hour and a half we had to paint until closing time didn’t allow me, an extremely slow perfectionist, to put many details on my vase, but some of the other ladies managed to create impressive pieces despite the time limit.  If only I could be that artistic! I’m sure all of their masterworks turned out fantastic after kilning!

My vase after kilning

My vase after kilning

I enjoyed my relaxing evening with the ladies and I’m glad that Jason’s sizzling man date was a success.

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  • Jeremy says:

    Ha-ha, Drew’s a girl. I wish I would have been there. I haven’t given anyone birthday mountings in forever.

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