Fatten Up Your Fathers

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Jason is not a father, nor do we have any plans to change that anytime in the near future. (So don‘t get any ideas people- this isn’t one of those “special announcement” posts.)

Jason’s lack of offspring, however, didn’t stop me from spoiling him a bit on Father’s Day. I know some of you are thinking right now that a man without any kids has no business getting any kind of special treatment on Father’s Day. But before you come to that conclusion let’s review the facts:  1. I enjoy spoiling my husband immensely and any reason to do so, no matter how lame, is good enough of an excuse for me. 2. Jason wasn’t exactly an angelic child, quite the opposite actually. He was constantly into all sorts of mischief, from hotwiring dirt bikes to breaking into classmates’ homes. So if karma has anything to do with the outcome of the universe we will probably have the worse behaved children on the planet. In which case, Jason deserves a few anticipatory Father’s Day celebrations before his brood put him through hell.

This picture doesn't really do the Bananas Foster French Toast justice. Yum!

This picture doesn't really do the Bananas Foster French Toast justice. Yum!

So, in honor of Jason, and all his kid-less glory, I made a tasty, extremely fattening, Father’s Day breakfast that included a Baked Gruyere and Sausage Omelet and Bananas Foster French Toast. I used a whole carton of eggs and more heavy cream than I care to remember preparing this hearty breakfast. But hey, Father’s Day only comes around once a year, right? One wouldn’t want to miss such a wonderful opportunity to clog the arteries of the man you love, even if he isn’t a father yet by any definition of the word. It’s probably a good thing though I don’t cook decadent food like this on a regular basis, or that sweet man of mine might not live long enough to ever become a father.

The Baked Sausage and Gruyere Omelet was also delish!

The Baked Sausage and Gruyere Omelet was also delish. Gruyere makes anything taste fantastic!


  • Jeremy says:

    Run Jason! She’s trying to slowly kill you! Either that or fatten you up for a delicious meal. Mmmmm, Jason. Can I be invited over for dinner that day?

  • Rachel says:

    Sure, why not. There’s enough of Jason to go around, or there will be anyway after he’s been on the tub o’ lard diet for a while.

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