Ankle Update 10.0

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Saturday marked ten months out from my ankle surgery and I celebrated by running in my first race since the procedure. Although this race was just a local 5K, I am still excited to say that my ankle performed beautifully. I had no ankle pain during the event and very little swelling afterwards.

Jeremy ran this race with us. It was his first race ever. Way to go Jer!

Jeremy, Jason's brother, ran this race with us. It was his first race ever. Way to go Jer!

I tried playing outdoor soccer a few weeks ago for the first time since the slice-n-dice and my ankle did not fare as well. Running on the field’s uneven ground caused considerable pain and I was swollen and stiff for days. I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised since this activity was what caused my injury in the first place but I was hoping that jumping back into soccer would be a nearly pain free experience at this point.  After my disappointing soccer restart I was thrilled that I did not have similar frustrations from running the 5K.

Although my ankle behaved like a pro during the race, my good foot had some objections. It still needs some help adjusting to its new lifestyle. It doesn’t tolerate the orthotics I am now required to wear very well. It fell asleep during the event, something it does periodically when I go running. This made me feel like I was dragging a lead block, instead of a minuscule foot, for the last two miles of the race. I’m going to have to figure out a way to make righty a little happier with his orthotic buddy. But even with that slight foot malfunction, I was extremely pleased with my body’s cooperation in general. I’m so glad that my ankle has decided that running is an acceptable activity.

Our ragtag group at the finish line

Our ragtag group at the finish line

My ankle’s running tolerance has spurred a new plan of madness. I am in the process of trying to organize a team to run the Red Rock Relay in September. This 181 mile, 24 hour, relay race runs through some of the prettiest country in Utah. It starts in Cedar Breaks, goes through Zions National Park, and ends up in St. George just outside of Snow Canyon. Gorgeous! While I realize this relay falls into the “crazy Rachel plan” category, I am quite enamored at the prospect of it. I hope I can get a team sorted out. By the way, if any of you friends feel up to a little insanity let me know; I’d love to have you on my crew. Let the lunacy begin!


  • Ryan says:

    I have enjoyed reading about your experience with ankle surgery, as I am recuperating from surgery. Way back in 1987, I sprained my ankle. The incident apparently stretched my anterior talofibular ligament to the point that my ankle became unstable. Years of umpiring baseball, hiking, and mountain biking eventually caused “micro” sprains that I never realized I was having. That led to ankle instability and then tearing of my peroneus brevis. I went through physical therapy, like you. My ankle felt worse. An MRI revealed what the podiatrist thought was a minor tear. But when I had surgery on March 2, he found that the tear was much more severe. He ended up stitching the tendon to my peroneus longus, as well as tightening the ligament. Your blog has given me a good idea of what lies ahead. I appreciate it. — Ryan

  • Rachel says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for reading. It’s crazy how severe the repercussions of a “sprained” ankle can be. Good luck in your recovery! It’s a tough road but eventually things do get better. 🙂

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