LebWinks is Born!

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Have you often pondered what the offspring of two totally nerdy programmers and a geeky attorney would look like? Well now I have the long awaited answer to that burning question!

After a lengthy and difficult labor the brainchild of Jason, my brother Drew, and our friend Jeremy Rowley came into the world today. Like many proud parents they named this child soon after its conception months ago: LebWinks.

Jason and Drew were so intent on programming thei beloved site that they consented to progam in our freezing basement in the middle of winter.

Jason and Drew were so intent on programming their beloved site that they consented to doing it in our freezing unfinished basement in the middle of winter. What can I say, they wanted to program early on Sunday morning. I didn't want to be woken up, on my one day a week to sleep in, by the sounds of geekery.

Here’s the skinny on this child of genius:

LebWinks is a social networking site of sorts. I know, I know, as if the world didn’t have enough of those already. But LebWinks, as would be expected from its unusual parentage, is unique. Say you found an amazing website you would like to share with your buddies, well LebWinks provides a nearly effortlessly way to do so. You can share your favorite websites with your friends on a real time basis while keeping to yourself whatever sites you deem “private”.

Jason, Drew, and Rowley have been toiling away on this project for over a year now and thanks to lots of hard work, brainpower, and caffeine, it has finally been released. Way to go boys!

Please join us in welcoming their new arrival. Come check out the geeky awesomeness that is LebWinks at LebWinks.com. Just remember, since this is a newborn it has a few kinks that still need to be worked out – it’s not potty trained quite yet – but it’s fantastically incredible anyway.  So visit LebWinks.com and bring the LebWinks joy into your life!

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