Park City: Birthday Celebration Numero Uno

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In order to properly celebrate Jason’s birthday I started the partying early. Last Friday I whisked him away to Park City for the weekend. We had a grand time!

I wanted to take him to a classy restaurant Friday night. It was hard to pick one since Park City has quite a few I’m eager to try. We ended up eating some fantastic Western American cuisine at the Purple Sage. The food there was full of completely surprising flavor combinations – it was unique and delicious!

Jason pulling his sled to the slide.

Jason pulling his sled to the slide.

We spent Saturday playing at the Park City Mountain Resort. We rode the Alpine Coaster, ZipRider, and of course the classic Alpine Slide. The coaster was my favorite; it’s an exhilarating little ride. I was slightly intimidated by the ZipRider, due to the frequent shrieks emanating from its patrons. Since I have a propensity to scream, I thought embarrassment was inevitable when it was my turn to descend. But I’m happy to say that I uttered not a peep. It actually wasn’t scary at all, kind of like riding a fast windy lift.

That's me getting ready to head out on the coaster.

That's me getting ready to head out on the coaster.

Jason and I also found time during our stay to wander along Park City’s picturesque main street and take a scenic moonlight drive up in the beautiful surrounding mountains.

Me and Jas taking in the nightlife on main street.

Me and Jas taking in the nightlife on main street.

It was a wonderful weekend filled with the enticingly fresh scents of pine and warm earth, delectable cuisine, radiant sunshine, and of course the best company a girl could ask for.


  • Lauren says:

    I have so many great memories of the Alpine Slide! I have been there every year that I can remember…I hope it is still there when I am an old lady!!!

  • Rachel says:

    Yeah, I loved it when I was a kid too. And it actually is still cool as an adult. They just got new sleds by the way; they are faster and much smoother. Yes!

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