Having a Real Good Time

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I love soccer! It’s a blast to play and it’s one of the few sports I actually enjoy watching. But despite my interest in this activity, I had never been to a Real Salt Lake game until this season. Jason’s brother, Jeremy, and his wife, Kara, invited us to attend a few games with them this summer. Since I’ve wanted to check out our local MLS team for some time, Jason and I gladly accepted.

Here I am with my big lugg of a brother

Here I am with my brother-in-law. Members of Jason's family are obviously prone to fits of idiocy whenever they spot a camera.

Although we’ve only gone to a handful of games, we’ve already become Real freaks, as is apparent by our abundance of team paraphernalia: jerseys, scarves, jackets…oh yes, and a monstrous flag.

It’s been great enjoying a few perfect summer evenings with 20,000 drum playing, catcalling, flag waving, screaming soccer fanatics. Bring on the raging fans and go Real!

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