A Gray Day

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Jason and I went to a David Gray concert yesterday with my friend Robyn and her husband Shon. We had a delightful time! Robyn is definitely a “kindred spirit”. She and I have a lot of the same interests and viewpoints so we get along splendidly and never run out of things to discuss. Our men seem to jive well together too. (Man-date possibilities?)

a truly awful picture of me

Jason told me and Robyn to look frenzied like teeny boppers for this picture but instead I look like one of those skeletons in children's Halloween shows that can disconnect their jaw. I guess it's my turn to look like an idiot in a picture for once.

David Gray and his band looked very classy and professional. They all wore suits.

David Gray and his band looked very classy and professional; they all wore suits. The show was excellent.

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