Fangs and Fur

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As many of you know, I am an unabashed geek. And as such I am always happy to be involved in any nerdfest. So when I heard that the next Twilight film, New Moon, was going to be showing in Salt Lake City at midnight on opening day, and that there was going to be Jacob and Edward themed theaters for this premier event, I was eager to sign up.

My friend Wendy also wanted to be part of this little geeky adventure. So we bought tickets for us, and our third wheel Jason, a few months ago. (The theaters were all already almost sold out.) Since Wendy is a big Jacob fan, and I like Jacob and Edward nearly equally, we decided to join the groupies in the pro-Jacob or “Fur” theater.

I made these vampire cookes the day of the premier to celebrate it

I made these vampire bite cookies the day of the premier to celebrate.

Wendy and I were pretty excited about enjoying this movie with all the screaming 13 year old girls and housewives. I even bought a Jacob shirt to wear to the event because my geekyness knows no bounds but I was out-nerded by Wendy; she made a New Moon countdown chain for us so we would know exactly how many days we had to suffer through our giddy anticipation.

The night of the premier the theater complex was completely packed with people, mostly of the female persuasion; it was the most crowded I have ever seen that building. But can you blame the girls for flooding in? This wasn’t just a movie; it was an event.

Lots of Twilight goodies came with our special (and especially high priced) tickets: candy, drinks, popcorn, shirts, posters, stickers, dog tags… just to name a few. The Fur theater also came equipped with its own flesh and blood Jacob. No, not Taylor himself, but an actor that was a darn close double. He was even shirtless and tattooed. I missed my chance to get a picture taken with him though because I was too busy running around picking up all of my free Twilight swag from booths scattered around the building. Dang it! Next time!

I posed for this picture after the movie. Wendy wouldn't pose with me. I guess she didn't think she was very photogenic at 3 in the morning.

I posed for this picture after the movie. Wendy wouldn't join me. I guess she didn't think she was very photogenic at 3 in the morning.

The movie itself did not disappoint. I thought its special effects were vastly superior to those in the first film. And as for audience response…there was a lot of support in our theater for Bella’s werewolf friend. During the scene where Jacob removes his shirt the shrieking was almost deafening. I think Jason’s screaming was the loudest though; I still can’t hear out of that ear. Just kidding, though I’m pretty sure he did giggle a bit.

It was a fun night and a unique experience; I enjoyed it despite the chaos and swarms of people. And if some of you wish to ridicule this nerdy activity – don’t bother – mockery doesn’t even slightly faze a shameless geek such as myself.

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