A Hopping New Year

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Party hopping: reserved for just the socially elite and the chronically noncommittal?

No, apparently it also for the super awesomest party people on the planet…yes, I’m talking about us…duh.

Although we typically get invited to a couple New Years Parties every year, this year we outdid ourselves in the invitee department. Our presence was requested at no less than 5 events. Yeah, you wish you were that cool. While we are not fantastic enough to somehow pull off going to five parties in one night, we decided to try attending three.


Here's Cody the seal. Kenny kindly offered to slide with him; there's nothing sweeter than volunteer idiocy.

We started our evening at the Rowley’s with some Killer Oompi. Killer Oompi is a game that has long been a tradition among Jason’s friends. It’s basically speed Uno with penalties. The loser of each round has to do something completely idiotic like go through a spanking tunnel or eating a carrot out of the winner’s nose. Visions of Cody sliding through the snow on his stomach while acting like a seal were fresh in our memories and still warming our hearts as we departed the Rowley’s for our next gathering. Good times.


Here's Jason with his harem of women at the Hughes' party. After all, what's more Italian than cavorting with a bunch of females?

We then stopped in at Cam and Fran’s. They adopt a different country theme for their party each year and this year the motif was Italy. Yes! Tiramisu: food of the gods…or of some fat Italians at the very least.

This is the Nothing Bundt Cake we took to my sister's house. It was nothing bund

This is the Nothing Bundt Cake we took to my sister's house. It was nothing bundt delicious!

We finished off the evening by counting down to 2010 with my sister and her kids. The youngsters were a little loopy from staying up past their bedtimes but they were very excited about ushering in the new year and getting to drink sparkling cider from fancy cups.

Instead of pumpkins

Instead of turning into pumpkins this is what happens to the Marshalls after midnight.

We returned home at 4 in the morning after our night of social scattering. Man, being awesome is exhausting!

Happy New Years to us!

Happy New Years to us!

Many thanks to all of you who hosted, entertained, and fed us; you were the wind beneath our wings.

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