The Perfect Pair and a Big Daddy

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Valentine’s Day activity planning was my task this year. I opted for something Jason was sure to love: spending a couple days at the Canyons Resort and on the slopes. (The terrific “Pair Pass” deals the Canyons has right now made the choice a relatively easy one.)

This was one of those self taken snapshots.

This is one of those cheesy self-taken snapshots but I still like it.

Although the Canyons Resort is historically important to both of us, we haven’t boarded there in years. For Jason it represents the magnificence of his glory days. While he was in college he got season passes there every year and literally arranged his whole life, and school schedule, to optimize his time on the mountain. The Canyons for me holds significance of the bittersweet variety: my very first attempt at boarding took place there. Ah yes…the pain, the misery, the beginnings of a hobby that I now absolutely love.

I got a better picture of Jason jumping this least in one sense. He looks a little like an eagle impersonator in this shot.

I decided that rather than squishing everything into Valentine’s Day weekend I would prolong the fun by taking Jason up to the Canyons the weekend before. Jason, as expected, was very excited about my Park City plan. We headed up on Thursday night and had a delightful dinner at Café Terigo. (If you ever go there I would highly recommend their bread pudding with hot butter rum sauce. It’s divine!) The next morning we woke up, put on our snow gear, walked a couple minutes to the gondola, and headed up the mountain. Ahhhhh….the simple pleasures of waking up and moseying on out to the lift. Does life get any sweeter? Hint: the correct response is “no”.

This is me on Saddleback, a run that was once my nemesis.

This is me on Saddleback, a run that was once my nemesis. We are good buddies now.

It snowed practically the entire morning as we boarded, which helped to make the runs decent, but sadly the snow was still not as excellent as it could have been. Nevertheless, we relished our chance to ride the Canyons’ seemingly infinite terrain. I also found great satisfaction in riding down Saddleback, the very first run I tried to board over a decade ago. I too vividly remember that first endeavor; it was an endless succession of falling. It took me over an hour to make it back down to the lift and my knees and butt were so bruised I could have been mistaken for a chimney sweep. That’s why I found great pleasure in riding this hill once again and not falling, not taking over an hour, and not bruising myself. Yes, the ecstasy of no longer being a beginner is astounding.

Here's Jason outside our lodge trying to look tough.

After a full day of boarding Jas and I were not done gallivanting about. We headed down to Salt Lake City to see the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy play with the Utah Symphony. Wow! I’ve always been a fan of these guys but they were even better live than I had anticipated! After the concert I got to meet the band and get their autographs. Their lead singer even graciously offered to take a picture with me. Sweet!

Here I am with Scotty Morris of the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

I must say that my Park City plans worked out quite well but, then again, planning is one of my fortes.

Although our weekend was lovely, the Valentine’s Day surprises aren’t over for Jason. Next weekend is sure to bring awesomeness! Awesomeness that will certainly be the topic of another longwinded Rachel blog.

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