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Valentine’s Day is always a treat for me because not only do I get to hang out with my most favorite person on the planet but I also usually get to eat some awesome food and do something cool. Does this make me a cheese queen? Absolutely. Am I proud of it? Absolutely. By the way, this post is oozing with cheese…consider yourself forewarned.

This is the group of friends we celebrated our marriage with.

This is the group of friends we celebrated our marriage with.

Last Friday Jas and I continued our Valentine’s Day festivities by attending “A Celebration of Marriage” with a group of our friends. This yearly happening consists of dinner and lectures on ways to improve your marriage. Sounds lame right? Well, it was actually quite interesting, thought provoking, and fun. Jason is a pretty darn perfect husband so he doesn’t need much in way of advice, but I think we both walked away from the event with a few ideas on how we could make our relationship even better. Thanks Fran for organizing our group’s attendance!

Finally! I got a decent picture of Jason taking a jump. He may not be Shaun White but he

Finally! I got a decent picture of Jason taking a jump. He may not be Shaun White but I think he's very talented.

On Valentine’s Day itself Jason and I woke up, checked the snow report at Brighton (6 new inches overnight), and decided to go boarding on a whim. It turned out to be an excellent idea. The snow was soft and the weather lovely. When Jason and I got home from our boarding expedition I quickly shifted gears and begin preparations for the romantic candlelight dinner that I had planned. I made Shrimp Scampi with Linguini, Lemon-Butter Green Beans with Pine Nuts, and a Mexican Chocolate Crème Brulee. Everything was quite tasty but the crème brulee was delectable! At the bottom was a band of creamy cinnamon syrup that was concealed beneath the rich chocolaty custard. Topping this heavenly indulgence was oven roasted brown sugar caramelized to perfection with the help of my kitchen torch. Fab-u-lous! The charm of the occasion was accentuated by twinkling tea lights and scattered rose petals…and of course great company. After all, any dinner with my best friend, who happens to be hilarious and adorable, couldn’t be anything less than amazing.


I set the table for a lovely private dinner.

On a side-note, I know a lot of people detest Valentine’s Day: the crowds, the mushiness, the PDA. Yes, restaurants and theaters are usually quite packed on Valentine’s Day but if you never go out among the love struck masses I think you are missing something. This year Jason and I skirted the V-Day crowds, not by design but simply because that’s how my event timing turned out, and to be honest I kind of missed the craziness. So what’s so appealing about being in the throngs of V-Day couples? When you go out on Valentine’s Day you are surrounded by people holding hands, snuggling, staring contentedly at each other. Everywhere you look there are couples on their first dates, excited but awkward, married couples that are relieved just to have a few hours away from their kids, older couples that have been together for practically their whole lives yet you get the sense as they chuckle and hold hands that those lifetimes haven’t been long enough. What’s more, you can tell that this occasion means something to all these people by the way they have dolled themselves up for their special someone even if that someone has been with them for many years and has seen them every morning with their hair askew and their face smeared with mascara.

When you go out on Valentine’s Day it’s easy to be so enthralled with your partner that you are hardly aware of what passes beyond your tiny sphere but if you take a moment to glance around you you realize that this holiday really isn’t just about the two of you and your little bubble of bliss. The multitudes of pairs dining near you are there for the same reason you are and when you see the adoration and respect you feel for the person sitting across the table from you echoed in their faces as they gaze at each other you appreciate just how much love binds us as human beings. As you glimpse at the crowds you understand that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about celebrating our partnerships, it’s about celebrating our commonalties and connections as human beings. We all need love…and maybe the Beatles were right, maybe that is all we need….well, that and perhaps some flowers, or chocolates, or expensive perfume…

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