Kids and Cookies

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Like everyone else, we think we have some terrific nieces and nephews. They are talented, sweet, intelligent…and perhaps a bit mischievous. Unlike most couples our age, in this region anyway, we are not knee-deep in our own child rearing. Because Jason and I have purposefully delayed that adventure we have more time, money, and patience for our nieces and nephews than most of our counterparts. Hence, we have an opportunity to be the “cool” aunt and uncle that every kid wants but few have.


The kids liked shaping the cookies, especially Miles.

As the glamorous auntie and uncle we like to plan fun activities for our nieces and nephew periodically. These activities hopefully not only give the kids something to look forward to but also provide a break for their parents. We thought my brother’s and sister’s kids would enjoy a little Valentine’s Day celebration so we schemed one up for them. However, due to sick children, this event got delayed until after Valentine’s Day. The kids didn’t seem to mind that the holiday had come and gone though as they baked and decorated heart shaped cookies and made paper airplane valentines.

Miles loved helping roll the dough. He called himself "the steamroller".

We had a good time laughing and making messes with the rest of the juveniles. They are special little people and we hope it will at least take them a few more years to realize that we really aren’t that cool.

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