The Allure of Spring

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It’s that magnificent time of year again. The time when you can shed a few layers of clothing, forget about winter woes, and venture outside without freezing your keester off. Spring how I do love you!

For some reason Jeremy and I were confused

For some reason Jeremy and I were mistaken for a couple while we were running this race. It may look like Jeremy could be my significant other based off this picture but that was no lovey-dovey embrace. This was what was actually happening when this photo was taken: Jeremy was sticking out his stomach in an attempt to demonstrate how fat he is. It always makes me crazy when he does this because his abnormally extended belly just makes my guts hurt, which is precisely the reason why he does it so frequently. While I was attempting to push his stomach back in he was taking advantage of the proximity of my head and trying to force it into his enormous chest for what he terms "man num-nums".

Winter has definitely been retreating the last couple of weeks. I’ve gone running without a jacket, relaxed a little in my sunny backyard, barbecued steaks and corn on the grill, and watched my tulips and daffodils emerge from the ground.

Nothing seems sweeter than glorious spring sunshine after a dismal winter and I am always eager to get my share of those blissful rays. So, in order to get as much heavenly sunlight as possible, Jason and I have beefed up our running schedule and we participated in our first race of the year today, a 5k family Easter run sponsored by Lehi city. I managed to maintain my awesomely mediocre race pace from last year through the winter. It’s good to know that I’ve kept at least some of my muscle mass over the last few months and that I didn’t fall victim to winter flabbery.

The theme of the 5K was

This 5K was a "Hare Chase". I caught up to the hare within the first few minutes of the race. Poor guy - it can't be easy running in a bunny suit.

But running isn’t the only outdoor activity we have been trying to do more of recently; we haven’t let the lingering snow in the mountains stop us from taking out our bikes. Although it’s too early in the season for traversing our sweet peaks, riding our bikes on the Jordan River Trail has been a refreshing and nearly irresistible pastime for us as of late. Even after running our 5K today and feeling adequately exercised, the temptation of the trail was too overpowering to withstand. All that delicious afternoon sunshine lured us in like a warm and wily tractor beam. So we met up with Jason’s parents, Keith and Sue, for a 15 mile biking excursion. What can I say, I’m a sucker for sunbeams. Besides, there’s always time to be tired later. The divine season must be enjoyed while it lasts because if there is one thing I don’t like about spring it’s its fleetingness. Why doesn’t it stick around just a bit longer? Is that so much to ask? Winter’s chill fades into summer’s singeing heat far too quickly and spring often just seems like a breath between extremes. But I shouldn’t complain, for now I should just soak in all that spring goodness while it lasts. Ahhhh…

Jason's parents

Keith and Sue don't look particularly happy in this picture. Probably because Jason had just made them bike up an enormous hill...or tricked them into it rather.

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  • Sue Sabin says:

    Rae, I’m sure Jeremy’s pits smelled so good after the race. The Easter bunny looks like he was having alot of fun and the bike ride was really great even though Jas tricked us into going up the biggest, tallest hill out. The look on my face is one of pure delight with Jas. Ha Ha

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