The Ladies of my Life

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I’m not really into women. Hmmm…that didn’t quite sound right. What I meant to say is that the majority of my close friends are men. This is primarily due to me being a little picky when it comes to my female acquaintances. See, I’m not really a big fan of drama, over-sensitivity, or high schoolish behavior patterns; I just don’t have the patience for them. And I’ve found that drama queens, stuck in a high school mentality, seem to be predominantly female. Sorry ladies, it’s sad but unfortunately true. However, although I maintain a higher male to female friend ratio, I associate with some of the most fabulous females around. I went out with two of those wonderful ladies last week, Wendy and Robyn, good friends of mine from work.

These lovely ladies

These lovely ladies are awesome!

We had dinner at the Pie Pizzeria. We sat on their patio, next to a huge roaring fire, and chatted and chuckled for hours. When we finally got up to leave the employee at the front desk looked at us like, what you are still doing here? It was a great night and I am very grateful that I have such amazing ladies in my life. My chick pals may not be as prolific as my manly buddies but what they lack in quantity they certainly make up for in quality. Thanks Robyn and Wendy! Anytime you ladies are up for another gab session I am definitely in!

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