April’s Idiots

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The origin of April Fool’s Day isn’t precisely known. It may have been instigated by one of Chaucer’s tales or its beginnings may have had something to do with groups of rural folk in the 1600s celebrating New Years Day on April 1st instead of January 1st, a lingering tradition from the Middle Ages. (Those fools!) But however it started, April Fool’s has been a day of practical jokes and playful tricks for centuries.

While some people thoroughly enjoy the yearly opportunity to annoy, mess with, and humiliate their family members, coworkers, and friends others despise this day of shenanigans and mischief. Personally, I think a few harmless jokes now and then make life more entertaining. Many of my colleagues feel the same way so there are always a few curious occurrences on April 1st at my work. In years past fake heads have appeared in desk drawers or cars have inexplicably become completely cocooned in saran wrap. This year about a dozen live goldfish spontaneously appeared in the water cooler and every single item on my friend David’s desk mysteriously became hot glued or duct taped to it.

The water cooler magically became a spawning ground for goldfish.

Thirsty? The water cooler magically became a spawning ground for goldfish on April Fool's Day

Of the goldfish scheme I am innocent. But all that taping and gluing may have had something to do with me and my friend Wendy…or maybe a lot to do with us. Okay, it was us and it was awesome! David’s desk looked totally unaltered after we operated on it except nothing moved when you tried to pick it up including his mouse, pens, paperclips, papers, coffee mug…everything. I am a fool’s genius!

Even a few of Jason’s work chums got into the pranking spirit this year. A project manager brought in chocolate covered marshmallows as a treat for everyone; they turned out to be chocolate covered cotton balls. But strangely, a number of his work associates didn’t figure this out and consumed the sweets, cotton and all. One of them remarked to Jason afterwards that the marshmallows were really old and stale so the candy wasn’t very good. (Note to self: people will eat anything if it’s covered in chocolate.)

Yum! Chocolate and cotton: the perfect combination.

Yum! Chocolate and cotton: the perfect flavor combination. How could anyone eat one of these and not notice that it just wasn't right?

April Fool’s is an amusing and unpredictable holiday but it’s probably a good thing it only comes once a year; I don’t have enough hot glue sticks to properly celebrate it more often than that.

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