Billy was a Hearing-Impaired Child

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Recently we went to an event sponsored by the Utah Film Commission. It was a screening at the Tower Theater of a locally made flick called Billy was a Deaf Kid. The actors, directors, and writers were all present at the screening so it had a bit of a Sundance Film Festival feel to it but it was much more low-keyed and unpresumptuous than Sundance.

The movie was entertaining. It was a little slow paced, like many other indie films, but it was still fun… and strange. It reminded Jason a lot of his childhood because even though the characters in it were adults they had remarkably juvenile mentalities. Their immature attitudes made the movie difficult and frustrating to watch in spots. Consequently, I don’t think I would have minded if the plot had involved a random cliff scene where a couple of them bizarrely plummeted to their death but I still found myself laughing frequently during the show despite my irritation.

Jason and I took a seat on

This couch is famous. In the flick it gets ridden all over town and taken through a car wash. That car wash didn't do much for it though; it still looked its 30+ years.

After the movie the makers did a little Q and A session and the musician featured on the soundtrack, Paleo, did a mini-concert. It was a nice casual gathering and we enjoyed ourselves. Plus, we were glad to have an opportunity to support the local film industry.

We bought a copy of Billy was a Deaf Kid so if any of you, the awesome people we call friends, want to give it a watch let us know.

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  • Rachel says:

    BTW I bought a Paleo CD when I was at this screening and I LOVE it. If you like folk music I would highly recommend Paleo.

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