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I love music. I love playing it, listening to it, and dancing to it. Give me a beat or a bow and I am a happy woman. Jason and I used to frequently go Western Swing Dancing before we were married; we were pretty decent at it and could even do a few impressive looking flips. We also took a ballroom dance class right before we got married to help our “first dance” as a couple go a little smoother. Sadly, we have not danced much together since then, partly due to a lack of opportunity and partly due to Jason promptly forgetting everything we learned in our class shortly after we completed it.

Since Jason failed to retain any of the moves from our previous ballroom class the last couple of years I have been requesting that he take another dance class with me. My pestering finally paid off. He agreed to take a class with me through UVU’s continuing education as part of my Christmas present this year but he made the mistake of making me sign us up for the class. And that is how our dance class became our dance classes. Yes, I figured one more class would most likely not kill him…and that was a chance I was willing to take. So we’ve had back to back ballroom and swing classes every week for the last two months. Jason did indeed survive the experience though I think he occasionally bemoaned his fate and had a hard time keeping all the different dances we learned straight. Even I had difficulty remembering what moves went with what dances sometimes because between West Coast Swing, Jitterbug, Cha-Cha, Fox Trot, Waltz, and Nightclub Two step there was plenty of footwork to get confused about.

I always

Jason is dipping me here. This particular move was not one we had to learn in dance class; we perfected it long ago - and I think I've only banged my head on the ground or been dropped a few times while doing it.

We eventually sorted the jumble of dance steps out and we both felt like our classes were a success. Jason even told me one night as we were practicing our moves that he had reached “dancing queen” status. I’m not entirely sure that that’s a good thing but at least he is a fairly confident dancer now. I am determined to keep up the dancing this time so that Jason doesn’t just brain-dump everything he’s learned again. With that in mind we went dancing last Saturday night at the Pleasant Grove Recreation Center. Every Saturday night the rec center has dancing on two floors, one floor for West Coast Swing and Two Step and another for Western Swing. We had a lot of fun bouncing between the floors and swapping dance styles.

If any of you, our buddies, want to groove with us let us know; we will definitely be shaking it up again soon. By the way, it’s only $5 to get into the rec center and, for those of you who feel a little intimidated on the dance floor, free dance classes are offered an hour before the dancing begins every week. So there are no excuses not to sway it up. Hey, if Jason can become a dancing queen then anyone can.

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