Tour de Riverton (Men Suck)

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Jason felt a little left out when I biked Goldilocks a few months ago since he was prohibited from participating in this ride because of his obvious lack of femaleness. I therefore decided to sign us up for a coed ride called the Tour de Riverton so his tired muscles could convince him that he never needed to feel like he was missing out on anything ever again.

Ive never heard so much clicking in all my life.

When the ride started all of a sudden hundreds of bikers connected their fancy biking shoes to their pedals. I've never heard so much clicking in all my life. It made me laugh a little.

The Tour de Riverton, a 25 mile ride, took place bright and early last Saturday. Although this event, like Goldilocks, was “noncompetitive” the presence of men had the obnoxious effect of making it a lot less laidback than Goldilocks. Sorry men, sometimes your competitive intensity is simply not cool.

Jason too had a hard time quelling his urge to beat out whatever guy happened to be pedaling next to him but I made it clear from the start that if he decided to turn this ride into a race he was on his own and I would just continue to mosey along at my own pace and enjoy the lovely morning. I guess my husband does love me because he wasn’t too tempted to leave me to meander the course by myself. He’d say he wasn’t tempted at all but I know better.

The course followed a lot of the same paths as Goldilocks did, which was okay with me

The Tour de Riverton course followed a lot of the same paths as Goldilocks, which was okay with me because Goldilocks went through some rather scenic farmland.

My critique? Although I got to spend nearly 3 hours biking with my sweet husband during the Tour de Riverton and I enjoyed it, I liked Goldilocks better. Goldilocks was so chill and relaxed. You could tell the participating women weren’t there just to bike; they were also there to hangout and socialize with one another. When men were added to the mix for the Tour de Riverton who was ahead of you seemed to become far more important than who you were riding with. What can I say men, sometimes you suck.

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