When You Wish Upon a Star

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Our friend, Jeremy Rowley, recently fulfilled a lifetime fantasy of his: he bought a motor boat. I think he envisioned achieving this dream a little sooner in life but, as the saying goes, better boat now than never.


Jeremy's got the water sport skills. He made all of us look bad. On the other hand, Jacob made the rest of us look like water geniuses.

He invited me, Jason, and our friend Jacob, to join him and his family on the maiden voyage of his illustrious watercraft.

We took the boat out on Utah Lake and had a lovely time wakeboarding, kneeboarding, and slalom waterskiing. Well, I should qualify that statement by saying that I kneeboarded, Jeremy waterskied and wakeboarded, Jason wakeboarded, and Jacob drank a lot of nasty lake water as he was dragged through the wake while he attempted unsuccessfully to kneeboard and wakeboard.


Don't Jason and Jacob look good together? What a cute couple.

Milo, the Rowley’s buy lasix canadian pharmacy no prescription little boy, had no problems kneeboarding even though it was his first time trying too. Sorry Jacob, I guess you were out done by a 7 year old. Oh burn! Speaking of burns, Jeremy and Jacob failed to apply adequate amounts of sunscreen and they both got bad sunburns. Oh, double burn! (Yup that’s right; my insult works both metaphorically and literally. I am so dang clever!)

Boating made Silas very sleepy.

Boating made Silas very sleepy. He spent most of the time napping on one of the seats or balled up on the floor under a towel.

We had a lot of fun out on the water and are glad that Jeremy got his dearest wish. Now that he has everything his heart desires what will his next lifelong ambition be? Getting a better boat? Reach for the stars Jeremy, reach for the stars!

How sweet!

How sweet! The boys look very comfy together. Maybe they were cuddling together for warmth?


  • jacob says:

    Thanks for mocking me Rac. I was trying so hard 🙁 I’ll never try knee boarding again!

  • Rachel says:

    Don’t lie Jacob! You know the sweet water will beckon and you will be unable to resist.
    Besides, why are you such a moron? Only a moron would take anything I say seriously. JK LOL
    Actually, everyone looks just as idiotic as you when they try to wakeboard, kneeboard, or waterski for the first time but since we are all past the idiotic stage it’s quite entertaining to make fun of you. Just stick with it though; you’ll pick it up in no time and then you can return the harassment.

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