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Last week I had to go to Park City for my chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists’ annual golf outing.

This year we extended this event into a two-day affair with scientific lectures and dinner at Ruth’s Chris the evening before, which meant that I pretty much had no choice but to stay in Park City for a night. It was a big sacrifice, certainly one for the record books. Yes, I gave up a night of hanging out at my house to vacation in a luxury cottage suite at the Hotel Park City with Jason. (Jason selflessly volunteered to come with me even though this was not his clan of geeks. What a thoughtful husband, right?)

Our cottage was on the banks of a tranquil pond. I wish

Our cottage was on the banks of a tranquil pond. I wish I would have had more time to enjoy this serene setting.

The board for our SCC chapter, which I am a part of, arranged for killer rates on some of the fancier rooms at the Hotel Park City during our event. Since I needed to stay in Park City regardless, I was more than happy to take advantage of these deals. I’ve stayed at the Hotel Park City before so I was expecting a nice room but man! Our luxury cottage suite was the bomb! It had a big sitting room, a fully equipped kitchen, a dining area, two bathrooms, a massive master bedroom suite, and a patio equipped with a gas fireplace and our own private Jacuzzi hot tub. Additionally there were giant LCD TVs and gas fireplaces in the master bedroom and the sitting room. Yeah, sweet! The view from our cottage was also fabulous. Our suite was on the edge of a quiet pond and its giant windows afforded a great view of the wandering ducks with their ducklings and the jumping fish. The slopes of the Park City Resort ascended in the distance adding to the picturesque scenery. I think I could get used to that can i buy furosemide online kind of living…only I really shouldn’t because who knows when we will stay in a room this plush again.

I haven't played gold in over 15 years so I thought

I haven't played golf in over 15 years so I thought choosing to participate in the SCC golf tournament might be a mistake...a mistake my poor team would pay for. But I actually had a great time and didn't suck as much as I thought I would.

Since I wasn’t in our room much, thanks to the nonstop SCC activities, Jason was the one that truly got to enjoy our posh space. He didn’t seem to mind being left alone in this lavish sanctuary. He spent the hours reading a book out on the patio, playing some StarCraft II, and lounging in the sitting room.

This giant building

This giant building was our "cottage". It housed four suites.

Though I didn’t get much of a chance to appreciate our splendid cottage I did find enough time in the evening to hop in the Jacuzzi with Jas and burn holes in the backside of my board shorts by the patio fire. Yup, I discovered that that magic fabric that dries so fabulously when you hop out of the lake does not handle heat well. Sadly, I ruined my favorite pair of board shorts discovering this little known fact. Oh well, maybe I can start a revealingly holey fashion trend.

I was

I wasn't around our room much but Jason managed to snag this picture in the little bit I was.

Our quick trip to Park City was a nice little outing, though it was way too busy for me to call it relaxing, but I think Jason found it quite mellow and refreshing. I hope our monstrous suite didn’t ruin normal hotel rooms for him forever though; he was already a bit of a hotel snob so I’m sure our cottage did nothing but further this pickiness. Many thanks to the SCC for making my husband even snootier.

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