Turkey and Time

Posted by on November 30, 2010 at 10:04 pm :: 1 Comment

Thanksgiving this year wasn’t the nearly maddening experience it usually is for us. Jason’s family, due to scheduling conflicts, had their Thanksgiving dinner a few days after Thanksgiving. Hallelujah! For once we didn’t have to eat and dash and then force ourselves to eat again. Getting to spend time with both of our families, without the usual time constraints, seemed unnatural for a holiday but boy was it sublime. We ate slowly, talked much, and even got to play a couple of board games. If every year worked out like that I would not complain one bit…not even half a bit.

Here I am with about 2/3rds of my siblings...and Jason.

Why do all of Jason's siblings insist on making themselves look like idiots whenever someone pulls out a camera?

The coconut cupcakes I made for our fams were delish. The first batch needed some tweaking-the recipe wasn't quite right-but the second batch was perfect. My apologies to my family; they got the experimental first batch.

Jason and his "twin" brother like to snuggle.

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