Merry Mustachemas!

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We decided to put a slight twist on our Christmas party this year. In addition to the usual catered food, fierce ping pong battles, and dubious white elephant gifts we invited everyone to get into the spirit by wearing their tackiest Christmas sweaters. We thought this might put a fun and hideous spin on our annual get-together…it was hideous alright!

Andrew and Simone made their own cheesy Christmas sweatshirts. Simone's was pretty cute but Drew's not so much. Just kidding.

Jason decided that his tacky Christmas clothes would feel out of place unless they were accompanied by an ugly mustache so he resolved to grow some revolting facial hair to match his repulsive attire and he convinced most of the men coming to our party to do the same. The result? Yuck! Nasty facial hair was everywhere. It was like an episode of The Twilight Zone; the world seemed overrun by creepy lumberjacks and dirty old men.

Cam and Fran decorated themselves like Christmas trees.

Despite the visual insults far and wide, the partiers seemed to enjoy themselves. The conversations were loud, the white elephants adequately fought over, and the food mass consumed. But will ugly mustaches and unsightly sweaters become the standard at our Christmas party? You decide. Party attendees, did you like having your men decked in tackiness and hair or did you miss the simpler days when obvious social outcasts were the only ones donning mustaches? Inquiring minds want to know.

Around the world is always a favorite at our Christmas party. I actually won one of the games this year. Yeah! First time ever!

My sweater made me feel like an old lady with absolutely no taste. Maybe I should have worn some elastic-waist polyester pants to go with it.

Whether offensive hair and flashy sweaters become a Sabin party tradition or not, merry Christmas to you and your monumental mustache too!

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  • Jenn says:

    Ha ha! I love it. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t make it this year… I missed seeing you guys 🙁

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