Pop Pop Power!

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Jason bought me a new snowboard for Christmas, a Roxy Ollie Pop C2 BTX that I named Pop Pop. Although I was very eager to try out my new toy, and a few post-Christmas storms left powder aplenty on the slopes, persistent subzero temperatures and woeful tales of skiers getting frostbite on their faces and extremities quenched my boarding cravings.

Isn't my new board cool? Okay, so you can't exactly see it. No big deal. That cheesy grin on my face is evidence of its coolness.

Finally, after weeks of downright miserable weather, Mother Nature cooperated with my boarding itch. The storm that came through here last weekend dropped about 8 inches of snow up at Brighton and then quickly dissipated leaving blue skies and pleasant temperatures. That was all the invitation Jason and I needed to overrun the mountain.

Jadon was a moody skier but he did seem to enjoy himself between bouts of poutiness.

My brother Drew met us up at Brighton with his wife Simone and their six year old Jadon. They spent most of the day on the bunny hill because Jadon and Drew were both trying to figure out the mechanics of skiing; we humbly stooped to hang out with them for a bit there amongst the hordes of tumbling learners. Drew has boarded a handful of times but he decided to turn traitor and give skiing a try. He didn’t look very comfortable on skis yet he claims that he liked skiing better than boarding. How is that possible? Boarding is the r0x’r! I guess not everyone has my excellent taste.

Jadon could do a decent plow but he often refused to go downhill unless someone was holding his hand-not the easiest task for a person on a board. Luckily, Jason could manage this awkward maneuver just fine with his crazy boarding skills.

So how did my Pop Pop do? My new board is a really smooth ride and carves beautifully. It took some getting used to though, especially since Jason also bought me new boots and bindings. Thanks to all my new gear my morning was a little rough, with some unnecessary falling, but after I got a feel for my new board buddy I really enjoyed myself. I can tell that Pop Pop and I are going to get along fabulously.


  • Jason Sabin says:

    Go Go Pop Pop Power!!!

  • Andrew says:

    Rachel you just wish you were cool enough for skis

  • Iris says:

    Thanks for posting your tendon story. I started having peroneal subluxation after tipping the ankle during a snowy run five weeks ago. Tried the conservative route and am now scheduling surgery. Your blog is much more positive than most…thank you.

  • Rachel says:

    You are so welcome Iris! I think it’s one of those situations where laughing is the only thing that can keep you from crying.
    I’m sorry you are having to have surgery. Good luck in your recovery. You’ll be back to running in no time.

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