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Posted by on April 20, 2011 at 10:25 pm :: 2 Comments

Last Saturday Jason and I chased Peter Cottontail all over that bunny trail.

For the second year in a row we participated in Lehi’s Easter 5K. This 5K is a lot of fun and, since it takes place so early in the spring, it provides great motivation to get out and get running as soon as it’s warm enough you won’t freeze your barnacles off.

I wasn't ever able to quite catch up with the bunny during the race but that's because he snuck through a shortcut. Silly rabbit, cheating is for kids. But I might be tempted to cheat too if I was running in that sweltering suit.

This year this race didn’t have as many participants as previously, due to the prestigious Salt Lake City Marathon falling on the same day. That was fine with us. The diminished number of runners in combination with an abnormally high percentage of these racers not particularly being in a hurry made me and Jason feel like track superstars. Not a single person passed me the entire race.

Jason, who always leaves me in the dust, crossed the finish line at about 23 minutes, which placed him in 4th out of all the men and 5th out of everyone. That boy was fast but it’s too bad he wasn’t able to shave off the 45 seconds necessary to make it into 3rd and get a glorious ribbon. I completed my run in an unimpressive 30 minutes but somehow, despite my very standard time, I won 5th place out of all the women and 11th place overall. I’m not sure how that happened but it must have had something to do with our competitors not being very competitive.

Jason received this giant pink bunny as his racing prize. How cute!

It was a good race with perfect weather and a fun crowd. I would definitely recommend this 5K to anyone looking for an easygoing family-friendly event. After all, you get to chase a man-bunny. How do you beat that?


  • Sue says:

    How cute to be chasing the Easter Bunny. I wonder if he fell asleep anywhere before the end of this race?

  • Jenny F says:

    Ha Ha =looks like fun! You guys must be in great shape do run and all these races. You rock!

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