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For most of us, the mere mention of Easter conjures up fond memories of egg hunts, fancy dinners, or new dresses. Easter is definitely awesome when you’re a kid but who says children get to have all the fun?

Every year my family does an Easter egg hunt for my nieces and nephews. This event is always a hit. After a group of the adults has hidden everything the kids rush outside in stampede style and dash around the yard looking for the goodies. It’s a very similar experience to the charging of the bulls except I’m pretty sure not all of my nieces and nephews have horns. Jason and I contribute an extensive amount of toys and candy to this cause, more than the kids’ parents actually, because we want it to be a fun tradition for the youngsters. Amongst many other things, we hide three golden eggs filled with money; the kids go nuts for these babies. Considering the rage these eggs inspire you’d think they were made out of real gold not cheap Chinese plastic. If only I was so easily impressed than Jason’s pocketbook would probably be in a healthier state.

The kids were eager to be let loose. Miles waited impatiently for the marching orders with his basket at the ready.

Wesley loved the hunt. He wouldn't hold still long enough for anyone to transfer his findings from this awkward bag to a basket.

Benson found one of the golden eggs far too quickly. That clever boy!

Isabelle didn't quite understand the concept of the hunt but with a little coaxing she started putting candy in her bag. Kids seem to pick up on how to horde sweets pretty quickly.

The kiddies’ hunt is a great yearly ritual but Jason and I have started another one we also quite enjoy. The last two years we have gone snowboarding on Easter. We have found that the crowds are usually sparse and the sunshine prolific on this holiday so it’s a great time to hit the slopes. This year Easter happened to also be the last day of the season for Brighton Resort so in addition to finding ski bunnies (literally) on the runs we saw Captain America, a wizard, cowboys, numerous strange animals, and a plethora of drunkards. Ah, the end of season craziness! Anytime a resort’s parking lot is filled with raucous groups of people having barbecue parties and boarders are riding down the mountain while playing the bongos you know it’s going to be a fantastic day!

Captain America boards. Who knew?

Brighton's Easter bunny's task of handing out candy didn't deter him from hitting the slopes a bit.

I love traditions but I’m also a big fan of surprises. That’s why this year I decided to also do something a little out of the ordinary and have Jason hunt for his Easter goodies like the little kids. I hid 11 items, ranging from comic books to candy, in 2 rooms of our house and made Jason seek them out. It took him 35 minutes to find those 11 things, and that’s even with numerous hints. Although he wasn’t much of a seeker he did seem to enjoy finding nothing slowly. The funniest thing about Jason’s hunt is that I actually hid all of his prizes 2 days in advance while he wasn’t home. I was banking on his lack of observation to keep them concealed until Easter. It worked fabulously; Jason has too much code floating around in his brain to notice his surroundings.

I gave Jason juvenile prizes to increase the authenticity of his hunt.

Jason wasn't a skilled hunter but he did eventually find all of his prizes.

We had a great Easter. Watching kids go crazy for candy is always a hoot and any holiday spent with Jason is a pleasure.

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