Chuck Norris Thinks I’m Incredible

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Last May I participated in Goldilocks, a women’s only bike ride. It was so fantastic that I really wanted a repeat this year. I wasn’t too hip on biking it solo though so I recruited a couple friends, Liz and Kandis, to join me in riding the 21 mile version of the course.

We look tough right? Tough-ish maybe? At least not completely wimpy I hope?

This was only the second annual Goldilocks ride but registration still filled up remarkably fast. Even raising the participant cap from 600 to 1100 didn’t make room for all the ladies dying to ride their butts raw. Hence, Liz, Kandis, and I only made it in because we checked the Goldilocks blog regularly for spots given up by those that decided belatedly that they would actually prefer for their rear ends to stay in an untenderized state. Getting into Goldilocks was tricky but it was definitely worth the effort.

We were moving so fast as we set out it's a miracle that we aren't just speedy blurs in this photo.

biker's brunch

I was starving by the time we finished so I wasted no time helping myself to the adorably laid out lunch.

Jason got up shortly after 6 AM just so he could cheer us on as we departed. He met up with us at the halfway point to provide more applause and as we crossed the finish line he was waiting, along with Kandis's husband Kenny, cowbell in hand. What a fantastic hubby!

This event was marvelous again. The route was as well marked and the lunch as cute and girly as previously. Unlike last year though, the weather was absolutely perfect! I couldn’t have created a better day for a bike ride if I were the almighty himself.

When 1000 tough women invade your neighborhood brandishing bikes it's best to just go with it or you might end up with tread marks traversing your backside.

Liz and Kandis kept up a good pace so we were able to complete our ride in a little over 2 hours. Nice job ladies!

Next year I’m doing 40 miles. Who’s with me?

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