Hyrum’s Hooligans

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Last weekend Jason and I stayed a night at Hyrum Reservoir near Logan with some family and friends. Although we spent a chunk of our time in the outdoors, our situation was too cushy to be called camping. No tents were pitched or campfires lit. It was more like a comfortable cousin to roughing it.

The cabins faced the reservoir and offered an excellent view of its placid waters.

The gaming was intense and nonstop. Jason and I called it quits at 2:00 in the morning. Drew, Jeremy, and Adam didn't stop rolling until 5:00 AM.

My brother Drew arranged for the rental of two little cabins on the shore of the reservoir for our group. The cabins were situated in a quiet spot right on the edge of the water that was not only ideal for taking in the serenity of the surroundings but also for putting plenty of space between our rowdy band and the other campers. Though not equipped with plumbing, the cabins had bunk beds, ACs, power, and fridges. They weren’t overly roomy but they served our purposes well. We put the kids to sleep in one and used the other for playing board games all night long.

Jadon was very intent on building a wooden dam on the beach that incorporated every stick he could find.

When pale skin is this plentiful it must be time to head to the beach.

The midnight hour may have belonged to board games but the day was all about cooling off in the water. Too much spring runoff meant the reservoir was bloated and nearly overflowing but its beach still had a strip of sand wide enough for the kids to play on. While the kids engineered sand structures the adults entertained themselves by sadistically daring each other further and further out into the frigid water. Peer pressure eventually convinced most of us to swim to a distant buoy that marked the boat-free area around the beach. Those that made it to this bobbing obstruction displayed their supremacy by riding that baby like it was a bucking bronco. That slippery unbalanced bugger wasn’t easy to hold onto but I managed to climb aboard long enough to prove my awesomeness. Yeehaw!

The buoy wasn't just a few breaststrokes away but the distance was swimmable even for the unseaworthy.

Jeremy straddled that buoy like a pro. He must be very practiced.

It was a fun little overnight getaway filled with plenty of board games, cheesy poofs, and soakings. Thanks for arranging it all Drew.

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