Birthday Accomplished

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For most Americans the beginning of July is all about fireworks and family barbecues but for me birthday candles are another seasonal fire hazard. I was born during the time of year when patriotism is paramount so often the celebration of my birthday has come second place to the celebration of America’s. Luckily, I have a super fantastic hubby now that refuses to ever put me second to anything and hence my birthday is rigorously observed.

Jason and I spent most of our holiday weekend celebrating me and the rest of it partying in general. I’m still exhausted from it all but what a way to live!

The Sabins are insane so, naturally, one would expect a mini golf outing with them to look something like this.

Jason and his brother Jeremy thought this anchor on hole 15 was a perfect spot for planking. Those ridiculous boys!

Jason's mom made Pavlova for my birthday cake. Tasty!

Friday we got the weekend started with some mini golf and fireworks with the in-laws. Lighting these fireworks went about as expected. There were a few times when I thought it likely that someone’s crotch was going to get a flame enema. Yup, pretty standard for the Sabins.

Jacob and Jason rode the tube together. That's a lot of poundage for a one-man vessel. Since Jacob struggled to stay on though I'm pretty sure his butt fat didn't contribute to the weight strain.

Jeremy and I swallowed enough lake water while tubing to make stomach aquariums but we were having too much fun to let a little drowning stop us from going back for more.

Jason was destined for a dip at this point. He's just seconds away from a water wedgie.

Saturday we went boating with our friends Jeremy and Jacob on Utah Lake. We got all sorts of crispy while wakeboarding, kneeboarding, and tubing. The tubing, oddly enough, proved to be the roughest part of the experience. That may have had something to do with us squishing too many people on that tiny tube and riding it backwards or while standing up but, then again, it could have just been a coincidence.

We were burnt, dehydrated, and tired after boating but, once a little nap refreshed us a bit, Jason took me out to dinner at Takashi in Salt Lake City for some birthday sushi. I could eat their Shiva rolls until my own rolls have been substantially increased…and then eat some more.

Jadon and Benson wrestled all over the backyard. Jadon was clearly at a disadvantage but he loved it anyway.

The next day it was time to party with my family. My parents put together a yummy barbecue to celebrate all four of those with July birthdays in one lump. Nothing says summer like chowing grilled veggie kabobs, hotdogs, and hamburgers while lounging in the grass…except maybe some snowboarding.

The forest was green and vibrant just one crest over but Hidden Peak was still hanging onto winter with a firm grasp.

Mineral Basin may have looked like a bathtub that was way overdue for a cleaning but ugly snow is still snow. I'm not superficial- if it's rideable I'll do it.

I have long dreamed of spending the 4th of July on white peaks with my snowboard underfoot. This never seemed very likely to happen but, luckily, Mother Nature is a fickle lady and her severe winter and frosty spring made my wish finally attainable. Snowbird announced a month ago that they would be open on the 4th. Sweet doggity dog! I was ecstatic and determined to be there for the holiday. Jason definitely didn’t try to dissuade me from this plan; he was drooling almost as much as I was. We weren’t the only ones with the dream of summer snow though apparently because it was very crowded at the bird. The tram line was the longest I have ever seen it but all the patrons were in exceptionally good moods anyhow as they wound around the courtyard. We were all getting to board on the 4th of July so who cared about a little wait! The feelings of exuberance didn’t fade inside the packed trams. Chants of “U.S.A!” erupted randomly and when a group of riders spontaneously began singing the national anthem they were quickly joined by dozens of others. After everyone’s voices had been warmed up by these patriotic outbursts Jason took the opportunity to get the throng to belt out a happy birthday song to me. Oh the humiliation! Even with that mortification it was a lovely day. It may have been scorching down here in the valleys but Snowbird’s Mineral Basin was lusciously slushy and perfect for a July frolic.

People were wearing all sorts of crazy attire up at snowbird. We saw girls in bikinis, a guy dressed as a shake weight, and of course this Speedo man. Jason humiliated me, once again, by asking these scantily clad men to take a birthday picture with me. I think my face turned a shade to match those stripes.

We finished off our 4th with a dinner featuring margherita pizza and grilled peach salad made by Chef Jason and then walked down to a park to watch the city’s fireworks with his parents and brother. It was a nice relaxing end to a crazy weekend.

My birthday may be easy to dismiss when there is fourth fun to be had but Jason will never let it pass without plenty of presents, lots of gorging, a host of  memorable activities, and of course some embarrassment. Without that man I’m sure I would feel a little forgotten every year, it’s hard to compete with America, but he makes sure I get a birthday way beyond the norm. Thanks for another spectacular celebration!


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