What a Wonderful Wendy

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My good friend Wendy just reached the mournful age of 50 but we, her pals, were in no way going to let her mope about this milestone when we had some serious celebrating to do.

That's a whole lot of ladies, which means Jason had to tolerate a whole lot of girlyness. What a good sport.

For the first portion of the partying, a group of us girls, and Jason, ate at Red Rock Brewing Company in Salt Lake City, which is always an excellent spot for some pub grub. I had the wild mushroom polenta and I did not regret it. Yum!

Our group wasn't very big but what we lacked in quantity we made up for in loudness.

A mouthful of food has the tendency to make one look like they're eating...sorry Robyn, this is the only picture I got of you.

Blabbing is a particular talent of mine. I could talk the ears off an elephant or the hair off a mole. Don't believe me? Just give me a chance to open my mouth.

I guess a toasty bun and wiener are what everyman looks for in a hotdog because Jas and Chuong were determined to figure out a way to make their whole meal crispy.

Mission accomplished: the birthday girl got a laugh.

A week later another assembly of my friends headed up American Fork Canyon to roast hotdogs and marshmallows by the campfire in honor of Wendy. I think it is nearly impossible not to have a good time when relaxing with your buddies around a cozy flame while majestic pines form the only barrier between you and a glittering sky. We chomped and chatted the evening away and only closed our mouths finally when we realized that we had lingered way past the time when picnickers are supposed to remove themselves for the night.

Chuong stretched himself out on what Jason calls "the princess chair." Doesn't he look femininely regal?

Who knew one Rachel-I mean marshmallow-could make such a mess? I had so much goo in untoward places that I couldn't keep myself from laughing until I cried. This only made getting that marshmallow down even harder and I nearly choked.

Happy birthday Wendy! May all your 50ths be just as festive.


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