Undead Again

Posted by on September 3, 2011 at 10:07 am :: 1 Comment

I had no idea I would be dead again so soon after Jason and I stumbled through the streets of Salt Lake City a few weeks ago.

I made myself extra undeady for this shooting: lots of blood, gashes, rotting flesh, and bruises.

My friend Cam, who owns a knife business, needed some zombies for an ad he was filming last week so Jason and I volunteered and got a couple of our friends to join us. The shooting seemed to go relatively smoothly; I’m pretty good at hobbling around while maliciously glowering…probably because of all those years of practice.

My friend David is a "world-famous" actor. I'm sure you recognize him from such cinematic masterpieces as The Crow IV and A Tree Falls. No?

We did Matt's makeup on the fly while filming. Hence, he looked a bit more like Braveheart than a zombie but he still pulled off creepy well.

This piece of adtastic footage will hit the internet sometime in the middle of October. I’ll keep you posted on it. I know you wouldn’t want to miss our commercial debut as flesh feasters.


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