Mr. Darcy Likes to Party!

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That creepy time of year was just here and another Halloween meant another Sabin Halloween party. We did it again and it was just as much work and amusement as always.

This year it was my turn to decide our costumes. I have long wanted to go as characters from one of my favorite books, Pride and Prejudice, so that’s what I chose.

My hairdresser did my Bennet do. She’s a big Austen fan so I knew my strands were in good hands.

Jason looked yummy dressed as Mr. Darcy. Good thing because his costume was quite the pain to sew. Most of its components were made from actual 1800’s patterns since they were my only option. I basically had to create my own modern instructions for these antique designs.

We had a great turnout of friends and family. They all came clad in their best disguises ready to flaunt their haunt.

Making the same decorations look different each year is always a challenge. I guess we succeeded this time because several of our guests commented on all the “new” items we had bought.

Jason turned our basement ceiling into a billowing tapestry of festive lights.

My recipe for creepy: skulls, crows, spiders, moss, and crispy dead flowers. 

Bingo was popular once again with both adults and children. We played enough rounds that those who walked away with a prize or two outnumbered the luckless.

Jeremy took home the prize for best dressed with his energetic portrayal of the Nyan Cat. 

The beaten and disemboweled pinata somehow ended up on Matt’s head.

Lauren came as Buddy, my favorite elf. She won 3rd place in the costume contest so obviously others favor that north pole homeboy as well. 

The kiddies were as eager to bat the piñata as ever. I don’t think there is a child out there that doesn’t enjoy smacking something with a stick until its insides gush out.

The Ashleys depicted Tobias from Arrested Development with an assortment of peculiar outfits.

This year our skeletons painted the cemetery red with their spooky spirits and party hats.

Our nephew Jadon rocked his DJ Lance Rock outfit.

The costume contest was pretty cutthroat this year. I was very impressed with the fabulous and creative attire concocted by many of our guests. In the end Jeremy Rowley took home the prize for best dressed with his original and disturbing portrayal of the Nyan Cat but there were a lot of other contestants that gave him a run for his rainbow.

Our talking harvester may be a little too scary for the average youngster so we made sure there was plenty of distance between him and our door.

We converted our living room into the halls of Hogwarts. The little kids thought the transformation was charming.

I gave our front room a ghostly wash with a monochromatic palette.

It was a fun night that only took months of prep work to put together and, if all goes well, in a few weeks our house may be nearly back to normal.

Who says beards and heels aren’t a perfect combo? Penny’s costume won 2nd place so I guess they nearly are.

Carley and James came as a comedic duo: a banana and a whoopee cushion.

This sinister scene set the mood as guests entered our spooked-out home.

Many thanks to all of you who rocked our get-together. We love giving our friends, and ourselves, an excuse to dress up and celebrate the scary.

Matt and Tabatha survived the zombie apocalypse only to be defeated in the best group category by one vote.

The Kreepy Klubhouse was meant for the tiny kiddies but it became “the party house” after half a dozen adults sardined themselves into it.

So come on Darcy let’s go party!


  • (Not referring to the costume but to his face) Jason looks a good deal more like Hugh Laurie as Mr Palmer in the 1995 Sense and Sensibility. I like Mr Palmer better anyway. A man after my own heart.

  • Rachel says:

    Jason does look a bit like Mr. Palmer. It’s probably his very British features.
    But Mr. Palmer was married to a very obnoxious woman…I’d rather be Miss Elizabeth…and no one better tell me I remind them of Mrs. Palmer. 🙂

  • Cam says:

    I’m just sitting here polishing my awards (that’s right, “Funniest Costume” AND “Lamest Costume) and reminiscing… Fabulous party, as always Rac!

  • Rachel says:

    Thanks Cam! It’s always good to get some positive feedback especially for something that is such a huge production.
    Tonight I hope to have the last of the party decorations boxed up and then Halloween will have completely disappeared from our house.

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