A Cornucopia of Fall Festivities

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Even though our party is a huge time sucker, Jason and I love Halloween too much to let the seasonal festivities stop there. Here’s a little of what else we squished into our October to make it merrily scary:

Corn that tall is automatically ominous.

The two of us spent an evening at Hee Haw Farms misplacing ourselves in the endless circling paths of their corn maze, eating scrumptious freshly made donuts, and racing down the potato sack slide. Hee Haw truly does have the best corn maze around. They must grow mutant plants because those stalks are menacingly high.

What a bunch of manly men sitting on their pumpkin friends.

The bigger the group the longer the lost. We definitely lost it for a while in the corn maze.

Children of the corn or just some corny kids?

Those bucks are at least 20 pointers.

We let our juvenile tendencies run amuck on our annual outing to Cornbelly’s. While the corn at this maze looks a little short and stumpy compared to Hee Haw’s long creepy stems, the courtyard activities at Cornbelly’s are second to none. Our group of friends sampled many of those courtyard attractions including the ones that aren’t necessarily meant for kiddies our size. We played a whole lot of cornball, which is pretty much volleyball except with a ball so huge I can barely grasp it in my stubby arms. We also got spooked in the chaos castle, jostled around on a bumpy hayride, and bloodied on the slides as we competed for speediest descent.

We may have wandered around in the stalks for much longer than is customary but we did finally emerge victorious!

I blended right in with all the other pumpkin heads.

We graceful ladies squashed those pumpkins.

Although All Hallows’ Eve arrived less than 48 hours after our massive party, and we had definitely not recovered yet, we still couldn’t pass on brewing up some uncanny cuisine for our Halloween dinner. We made spider web trap, which is a yummy but disgusting looking combination of spaghetti squash and gnocchi, along with cheddar eyeballs and chocolate spider clusters. It was all disturbingly delicious!

These cute spiders were messy to make but tasty to eat.

Yes, I’d say we adequately celebrated our favorite holiday. We may be busier than a bat at a blood bank during October but Halloween just isn’t Halloween without some terrifyingly corny traditions.


  • Cam says:

    I’ll have to go try out the maze at HH’s next year (I’m a sucker for a good Maize). Cornbelly’s seemed especially fun this year. Maybe it was my corn cob cigar?

    Did you know I got a concussion from the slide? When I hit the ground something smashed my head (someone’s knee I think). I remember getting smashed and then there was blackness for a little bit. I felt okay for the rest of the night, but the next morning when I woke up I was a mess! You know the feeling you get right when you wake up (slightly confused and disoriented)? I had it all day! I have some fun stories resulting from my brain bonk.

    I need to get myself another set of those corn teeth! I had no idea they would look so elegant.

  • Rachel says:

    Concussions are really fun. I got one a few years back while playing indoor soccer. (Spiraling through the air with tremendous momentum and then landing on your your head with your legs still airborne in that spin on a cement field barely padded with cheap AstroTurf does not do wonders for the noggin.) I had the worst headache for days after that and I just couldn’t think straight. I hope you at least won that slide race-I can’t remember who was victorious.
    I’m glad your corn teeth bring you as much joy as they bring me. I thought for sure you were going to complain about the ridiculousness of that picture.

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