Up ‘Til Breaking Dawn

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I’m a Twilight fan. I admit it and I even willingly add my giggles to the screams of teenagers and rabid moms every time another bit of the saga debuts on the big screen.

My friend Wendy and I have gone to midnight showings of the last two Twilight films and we decided this was a tradition we wanted to continue with the new flick, Breaking Dawn Part I. Jason happily tagged along with us ladies for some “Romance in Rio” amid the fabricated rainforests of The Mayan restaurant before the movie premier. We hung out in artificial treetops and ate plenty of counterfeit Mexican food while awaiting the arrival of the midnight hour and our screen-sized monster babes.

The movie itself was entertaining but it did have some rough spots. The soundtrack for the first 15 minutes was way too cheesy. It seemed more appropriate for a religious propaganda film where Jimmy finds his morals than for a pop movie involving vampires and werewolves. And the scene where the wolves read each other’s minds? I dare you not to laugh.

We still had a great time though. How can you not have a blast when surrounded by the earsplitting ambiance of middle-aged women shrieking over their favorite supernatural heartthrobs?

The excellent company, extreme fans, sleep deprivation, first-rate cheese, and plethora of moody bloodsuckers combined perfectly to form the finest of memories.

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