Tips for the Darkest Day

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As strange as it may seem to some of you, every year I look forward to being out at an ungodly hour on Black Friday among the masses of shoppers fighting over limited merchandise that can only be purchased by waiting in excruciatingly long lines.

Black Friday is one of my favorite days of the year. For over a decade now I have annually joined the throngs of zealous buyers long before the sun gets around to making an appearance. And oddly enough, I usually have a giddy grin on my face as I scramble for the deals or weave through the cramped masses of humanity. I know many of you can’t comprehend why anyone would enthusiastically, or even willingly, participate in this purchasing frenzy but that’s because you just don’t get Black Friday joy.

I never remember to take pictures on Black Friday. The disorder is too distracting. We got a couple awful shots before we headed into Best Buy shortly after midnight but then deals became my only conquest.

Black Friday joy means eagerly jumping out of bed after only a few hours of sleep because the savings beckon, Black Friday joy means giggling as your teeth chatter relentlessly while waiting in the predawn cold with hundreds of other nearly popsicled shoppers, and Black Friday joy means disregarding the guy that has no scruples taking your arm off just so he can snatch a monstrous stack of Blu-ray players as merely part of the adventure. Having trouble perceiving what could be joyous about any of that? You are not alone but Black Friday doesn’t have to be so black. Here are a few tips guaranteed to make this glorious day more bearable for even the grumpiest of shoppers:

1. Go with friends. Together you can multiply your efforts and come up with a plan of attack. Plus, an hour wait in line turns into a party when you are in the company of chums.

2. Expect insanity. If you dive into black Friday anticipating crowds of shoppers that vary between ornery and just plain rude you will not be flabbergasted when you encounter just that.

3. Relish in the unnaturally good deals you are obtaining. Exalt in the triumph of your bargains.

4. Buy a little something something for yourself. A new pair of shoes or a dress that you are getting for a steal goes a long way in making that checkout delay seem worthwhile.

5. Arrange for a breakfast break with your buddies. Taking the time to refuel and regale each other with tales of your shopping woes can make Black Friday a much pleasanter experience.

6. Don’t plan on purchasing all the door busters you are seeking. If you have a good shopping strategy you should be able to get some of these hot items but scoring numerous of them is unreasonable. Unrealistic purchasing expectations can turn you into a frustrated nut job, or worse yet, a frustrated nut job that pepper sprays other crazed customers.

If you follow these fantastic tips and embrace a sense of adventure, Black Friday could actually become a bright spot in your holiday season rather than a blight. You might even find yourself craving that discount euphoria like many of us do. Sure, the Black Friday crowds can trigger a claustrophobic panic, the lines can test your patience, and some of the people you come across can bring out your violent tendencies but really it’s not half as miserable as it sounds. Yes, whether you shop on Black Friday for the fantastic deals or just to witness the chaos of consumerism, if you hurl yourself into it with the right attitude and the right company I can guarantee you will walk away with lots of bargain goodies and a few excellent stories to tell the kids.

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