Just Lick It!

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Runners these days seem to long for not just a bit of pavement but a bit of an adventure as well. More and more races keep cropping up with carefully designed obstructions incorporated into their courses to create extra challenging and atypical events. These obstacles may come in the form of giant tubes that have to be hurdled, muddy pits that must be waded through, or any other awkward and messy hindrance conceivable. This extreme racing trend definitely has its appeal. Who wouldn’t want to climb a wiggling wall made of poles too bulky and slick to really hold on to?

Climbing this wall was much scarier than it looks. The poles were too large to grasp firmly and the contraption swayed with each movement made.

Last week Jason and I, along with our friend Jeremy, ran in a 5K race, which was outfitted with impediments, called Lick the Pole.

It was Jeremy’s first race ever. Apparently, he was so excited about it that he somehow didn’t notice he was wearing his wife’s sweatpants instead of his own. They looked distinctly feminine and were about 6 inches too short for him. I guess at least he remembered to wear pants.

These tires were tubular. The three of us raced through them. Jeremy lost even with his repeated elbowing attempts.

This race was supposed to trek over thick crunchy snow but Jack Frost ruined all that with his delinquency. We haven’t gotten much precipitation as of late, which is unusual for this time of year, so we weren’t sprinting across deep powder as planned. Instead, we just had a couple inches of flakes to make our progression slippery.

If it looks like I was smashing Jeremy's face into this pipe as I leaped dramatically over him there's a perfectly logical explanation for it: I was.

But at least Jack’s tame mood meant comfortable temperatures for us on race day. It was very pleasant in the hills of Soldier Hollow. We had a blast crawling under squat nets, jumping over frozen pipes, and pumping our way through rows of tires. I only wish there had been about double the number of obstacles and a foot or two more of snow. Then everything would have been perfect.

Jeremy decided that sliding headfirst over these pipes would be easier than jumping them. He was incorrect though, as is often the case. His method proved exhausting albeit amusing.

If you have been experiencing feelings of ancientness, lethargicness, boringness, disheartenedness, glumness, or bloatedness might I suggest a simple cure: a little adventure. Jason and I still feel like younglings. We are always involved in crazy activities that keep monotony from sneaking up on us. You too can overcome the cogs of your routine. Why not add a little excitement to your life? Why not add a little run? If you don’t think running a race sounds too thrilling that’s because you’ve never tried to lick it!

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