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It’s back! Just when you thought that gaming could get no geekier Rowley Con strikes again.

Our friends, Jeremy and Amber, recently hosted their second annual Rowley Con: a weekend of gaming and geeky debauchery. Their house overflowed once more with nerds bent on becoming the Supreme Geekolator. This year’s battles for dominance came in the form of Hoard, Dance Central, Agricola, Space Truckers, and Twister. Each category had its own winner and then an uber nerd was selected based off overall scores. I am proud to proclaim that this year’s geekalo was my own skilled hubby. Yes, Jason ruled the other nerds with a level 10 ironclad fist! Okay, technically he tied for first place with our friend Adam but, through a series of tiebreaker tests, he proved himself the rightful champ.

My attempt to look supremely tough as Supergrirl here somehow just made me look super ornery. Superheroes are allowed to give crusties too, right?

People seemed to leave their children to their own devices through most of the Con, which of course led to raging chaos. But the kids did settle temporarily on the couch Saturday afternoon to watch the Muppets and eat suckers.

Various other contests were going on simultaneously throughout the weekend making it impossible to take part in everything. Our friend Lee contributed to the Con with old school Nintendo 8-bit game competitions: Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Galaga, and Tetris. These were popular with both the little kids and the once-little kids. Amber also set up a cute table specifically for Phase 10 challenges but, sadly, I never got a chance to phase-in.

Jason fittingly sped around in his Flash outfit flashing as many people with his bursting tights as possible.

I may have forgotten to put on the mask but my Batgirl outfit still made me super tough. I literally broke our metal sliding door handle in half with my overpowering strength just minutes after donning this costume.

The costume contest provided yet another means of demonstrating one’s shameless geekery. I would have dressed up whether there was a prize involved or not, I’m just that nerdy, but the prospect of geeky glory certainly added to my motivation. This year Jason and I decided to disguise ourselves as the super duper. We both came up with two different superhero costumes so we had unique iconic eveningwear each night. I made me a Batgirl costume and upgraded the Supergirl outfit I sewed a few months ago for our polar plunge by adding some additional pieces. My Batgirl costume was mostly the workings of my imagination, not any pattern, so I was happy that my creativity didn’t end up upside-down or inside-out. Yeah! But, alas, I did forget to wear my bat mask to the Con, which ruined the secret part of my secret identity. As for Jason, his package seems to have become an integral part of the Rowley Con package. He, with some of my encouragement, decided, once again, that a pair of super panties was perfect attire for this affair. He flashed us speedily and readily in his Flash Underoos on Friday night. At least his Captain America outfit, Saturday’s costume, was adequately covering and didn’t reveal any mysterious bulges. Bulges notwithstanding, apparently no one can resist a brazen man in leggings because Jason and I owned the costume contest once again.

The dark recesses of the basement appropriately became home to the Dungeon Master.

The last part of Jason and Adam’s tiebreaker test was a finger sword fight wherein Jason finally claimed victory with a plunge of his index finger.

Jason’s Captain America outfit covered all of his bits properly but, strangely enough, everyone seemed to miss his red tights.

Dungeon masters, gold hoarders, dot munchers, sheep breeders, and alien garbage gatherers: they were all represented at the Con. Practically anyone, except sufferers of chronic too cool syndrome, could find something to please their inner gamer at this event.

Who can resist the tighted superhero?

Jason’s costume contest prize was a latex horse mask, which he promptly convinced Jacob to prance around in.

Many thanks to the Rowleys for graciously hosting this fest. We came, we played, our children trashed your house. It was good geeky fun and perhaps, if Jeremy’s dearest wishes come true, we will do it all again next year.


  • Cam says:

    Looks like you guys had a blast! One of these days I’m going to make it to Rowleycon (if I can just get Camcon to move their stupid convention…). You and Jason look hot (well, really it’s the Batgirl costume that does it for me- did you make it?).

  • Rachel says:

    Of course I made the Batgirl costume. What did god give me two hands for if not to sew superhero outfits?

  • Cam says:


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