Sushi for the Special

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I love my husband, as well I should, and spoiling him excessively just goes with that territory. Therefore, never does his birthday pass without some exuberant celebrating. This year I decided that sushi and games were in order to put the “special” in his special day. For his grand wingding I rented the ultimate game room at Noah’s. This room is equipped with a ping pong table, shuffleboard, pool table, classic arcade machine, and giant screen. We brought our Xbox and projected Rabbids, the game so ridiculous it’s almost more fun to watch than play, on that huge display. Between competing in around the world matches, swimming with the pool sharks, and losing at Millipede there were plenty of options to keep the indecisive overloaded.

This arcade machine had 100 games on it. Not all of them worked because of a few faulty buttons but there were still plenty of choices.

I made cute signs for each of the sushi rolls so everyone's questions about their contents would be answered. But I wasn't fast enough to get a picture of the sushi before the devouring began.

One cannot live on games alone, Mountain Dew and games yes but not just games, so I made sure the food was as ample as the loud conversations. A pile of tempura veggies and twenty-six California, Buddha, Lush, San Diego, and Vegas rolls from Tsunami plus personal bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes insured our bellies were buy lasix canada kept uncomfortably full.

Boy names that end with "m" for $400.

"Happy Birthday" was bellowed to Jason enthusiastically by our throaty group.

I wasn't lying when I said playing Rabbids makes you look ridiculous now was I?

With lots of refueling choices and a bountiful caffeine spread, we all maintained high-energy states as the tournaments continued for hours. The gaming lasted until midnight when the building closed and we were kicked out of our room but we still weren’t ready to call it a night. Part of our entourage remained in the parking lot chatting until after 1 AM proving that we’re not just an 8-bit pony.

Around the world is always popular with our friends whenever a ping pong table presents itself.

I had never played shuffleboard before and, hence, I was no good at it. I just lost to everyone repeatedly.

Cam ended up winning pretty much all of the around the world matches.

Many thanks to all of you that joined our little soiree. Practically everyone invited turned up to show their love for Jason…or sushi. But that’s not surprising considering Jason is a pretty fantastic man and sushi ain’t half bad either. I hope that hubby of mine felt as special as a kid in PE class with his name written on the bottom of his tube socks because he is that special indeed. Happy birthday Love!


  • Cam says:

    Thanks for a great party, Rachel! I hope Jason had an awesome birthday (if he didn’t there’s something wrong with him). I will try not to be so awesome at everything next time 😉

  • jason says:

    It was awesome! Thanks cutie one for an AWESOME PARTY!!!! I am spoiled!

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