Summer in the Park

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Most people think of Park City as a winter wonderland, and rightly so, but I have to say that Park City is also a pretty fantastic place to visit in the summer. Coming from a boarding junkie that’s saying a lot. You’ll find the Alpine Slides, Alpine Coaster, zip lines, mountain biking, and Olympic Park quite diverting plus the offseason offers the same great restaurants as chill time minus the outrageous waits. Although Jason and I were in Park City not long ago for my nerd golfing, some passes to the summer activities at the Park City Mountain Resort, a birthday present from Jason’s parents, brought us up again. (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

Jason and I are fans of fast. We slid down the mountain quicker than a kid in a sleeping bag.

The condo we rented for the night looked a little outdated on the exterior but it had recently been remodeled and was quite stylish inside.

Our sweet tickets gave us unlimited access to the resort’s Alpine Slides and Alpine Coaster so we hit those slopes something fierce. But we didn’t want to just come up for a day of winding around the mountain, we wanted to unwind too. Hence, we got a room right at the resort in the Lodge at the Mountain Village. Our condo was very conveniently located and conveniently priced. Park City in the summer is cheap! All the more reason for you tightwads to visit this time of year.

Riding the Alpine Coaster as a pair was pretty uncomfortable but it was worth it. Our trip downhill was quick and crazy.

After an afternoon of loops and sunlight Jason and I wandered down Main Street and into Wahso, an Asian bistro, for a delicious dinner. Park City’s many tasty meal choices make me very happy and hungry. The rest of the night we lounged and read; we could do that at home but we don’t.

Jason ordered the Grilled Lamb Vindaloo with mint raita, coconut eggplant, and green lentil-cucumber salad at Wahso. It was tasty but I think I liked my Miso Black Cod better.

We procured a private booth room at Wahso. Apparently these are impossible to get during the ski season. Hooray for the tourists going bye-bye!

We loved our great little weekend getaway. Park City is mellow during the summer. It’s not packed but it’s still pretty. You too can take advantage of the sunny days and elevation-enhanced brisk nights of Park City’s lolling season. Refreshing! As for us, one of these weekends we’ll actually stay at home but not quite yet.

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