Spoiling with Spookiness

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Disclaimer: If you have a dairy intolerance best to avoid this post; the cheese is sure to give you indigestion.

Jason and I have been married for over a decade and in that entire period we’ve never become blasé about each other or weary of being together. We are as wrapped up in each other as two people can be and still just as ecstatic about our life as a couple.

What’s the secret to our marital success? Jason is awesome but that’s no secret and while my fantastic man definitely makes our relationship much easier, our happiness is the result of many factors, one of which is surprises.

If I hadn't been in the middle of a workday myself, I would have cocooned Jason's entire car. But, since my time was limited, I just webbed the inside and left him a bucket of horror movies and zombie Legos.

I love surprising my husband: bringing treats to his work randomly, making him secret batches of cupcakes, assembling singers for a sudden birthday serenade, or plastering his office with superhero paraphernalia. Those little unexpected gestures remind him that he’s still the center of my universe plus they serve as a benevolent outlet for my mischievous tendencies. Earlier this month, with it being the Halloween season and all, I decided to web his car while he was at work and leave him some cocooned goodies. Perhaps this scheme was a little reminiscent of a junior high prank but his young mind seemed to appreciate it. He drove around the rest of the day with his webs intact and now, weeks later, he still refuses to let me remove the last remnants of his surprise. If only cobwebs were always that thrilling, I’d never have to dust again.

I couldn't just entangle the car's innards and not leave a calling card.

So if you haven’t done anything nice out of the blue for your husband or wife recently what gives? When you were dating your spouse you made that extra effort to ensure that your special someone felt special, right? If now that they are your partner in everything, and supposedly the person who matters more to you than anyone else in this world, you don’t still make that additional effort then shame on you. I will never stop spoiling Jason because he will never cease to be the best part of my life. And, fortunately, my surprise tactics seem to be great marital bliss boosters; you may want to try some similar techniques yourself. Either way, may the river of cheese flow as freely for you and yours.


  • jason says:

    I am sooooooo spoiled all the way! And yes I loved the webbing of the car and I love my wife sooooooooo much! 😀

  • Sue says:

    Rae, you are the best. This all keeps Jason on his toes and the fact that it is Halloween paraphernalia just makes it all the sweeter. Halloween is just the best day ever. Keep up all the spider shenanigans in your household and it will web you both together forever.

  • Rachel says:

    LOL. Like the cheesy web joke. 🙂

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